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WoW Leatherworking – Gear Up & Trade!

WoW Leatherworking – Gear Up & Trade!

As one of the crafting profession in the World of Warcraft, Leatherworking can be used to create a variety of great items. At first you will focus on creating Leather Armor but you should know that Leatherworking is more than that.

You probably know that you are going to need loads of leather for the Leatherworking profession. This is why the Skinning profession along with it is a good idea because you will be able to gather all the materials yourself.

While you skill up you will be given a choice to specialize into making different types of items including Mail Armor, we will discuss this later on though.

Next to the armor you can make you can also make useful and profitable items like leather bags. Besides this you can also craft armor kits that can be used to improve some items or can be sold as well. A Leatherworker can also create Leg Armors which are great because you can apply these on the armor you wear to make it stronger.

What’s nice about a Leatherworker is that he or she can also create Leg Armors which are soulbound and can only be applied on the Leatherworker’s own gear. These special Leg Armors are of course of a better quality than the Leg Armors that can be traded. Besides these Leg Armors one can also craft Fur Linings that can be applied on the Leatherworker’s bracers in order to improve these heavily.

A Leatherworker can make different kinds of Fur Linings and basically a Fur Lining can be made for different purposes like improving the spellcasting, tanking or dps capabilities of the Leatherworker.

As you reach the higher levels of the Leatherworking profession you can specialize yourself in specific branches of Leatherworking:

  • Dragonscale Leatherworking. Leather is not the only type of armor you can make with Leatherworking. If a Leatherworker chooses Dragonscale Leatherworking he or she will be able to craft Mail Armor. Hunters and Shamans will benefit from this because they can use this type of armor.
  • Elemental Leatherworking. This type of Leatherworking has been designed for players who wear leather and have taken the Leatherworking profession. If you choose this type of Leatherworking you will be able to create armor specially designed for casters.
  • Tribal Leatherworking. Feral Druids and Rogues are the type of characters that will benefit from this branch. This type of Leatherworking will allow Leatherworkers to create items that will improve their melee damage and tanking capabilities.

Being able to specialize yourself in particular parts of Leatherworking is great because you can then fulfill the needs of your character better. If you specialize yourself in one branch you can still craft many good items that are available to all three types of Leatherworkers.

Leatherworking is great for any class that has to depend on Leather and Mail armor like Shamans, Hunters, Druids and Rogues. Because Leatherworkers can craft several items that many players need it can also be a profitable profession.

Besides the bags and armor kits etc. you can also create a variety of epic and rare items that can be sold on the Auction House. Since a Leatherworker also has the advantage of being able to make Fur Linings and Kits for his or her own armor you can say that you can benefit a lot from taking up this profession.

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