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WoW Cataclysm Fishing Leveling Guide (Level 1-525)

WoW Cataclysm Fishing Leveling Guide (Level 1-525)

Fishing is known to the smart players to be a great gold producer. If you’re intending to learn fishing just as a casual pastime or as a legitimate gold-making profession then I suggest that you continue reading this guide for the reason that it’ll revolutionize your gold-making methods.

This Fishing guide will help raise your skill to 525, which will enable you to begin farming the best stat food fish no matter where you are or to just farm for selling. Adhering to this guide will ensure that you don’t spend ridiculous amounts of time fishing to level to 525.

Learning Fishing

I suggest that you just visit the fishing trainers positioned in Stormwind or Orgrimmar so that you don’t have to travel all over Azeroth. These trainers are capable of teaching you all the necessary fishing skills required to reach level 525. The huge benefit of this is that you can fish near them the whole time prior to reaching level 525, which is very time efficient.

The Basics

Right after training in the fishing skill a fishing icon in your spellbook will show up within the professions section that enables you to fish.
Make sure you have your fishing pole equipped before you begin.

You will see your level increasing after any successful catches (even junk catches will still level you up)

In The Beginning

You will need to purchase the item below before you begin:

Fishing Pole

The following items aren’t absolutely essential, however, you can purchase them if you want to move away from the trainer to fish and want to catch fish of greater worth.

Strong Fishing Pole
Shiny Bauble

Ok, you have now learnt the fundamentals and purchased all your equipment so you can begin to power level your fishing. The following method is largely straightforward if you are planning quickly level up. Please note that this method will not make you any money; it’s about the speed (you will fish up a lot of trash).

Speedily Leveling to 525

The following guide is a fast path to becoming an Illustrious Fisherman:

1. Travel to the fishing trainers in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and learn the first Fishing skills as talked about before.
2. Now you can start fishing in the water around the trainer. Make sure you have your fishing pole in the main-hand slot and left click on the fishing icon in your spellbook within the professions tab (move it onto your sidebar for easy access). After you cast you will see a bobber appear, you must watch it until you get a bite, you can tell this has happened when the bobber submerges and returns to the surface making a splash, as soon as this occurs you must right click on the bobber and take your loot.
3. Keep an eye out for when you can receive further training to avoid fishing when your skill is maxed-out.
4. Unfortunately, the trash you are catching isn’t honestly worth anything (when you are able to catch higher level fish then you’ll be making substantial gold) so when need be you can just sell your catches to a vendor or delete them.