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Winning At Racquetball

Winning At Racquetball

Is it skill? Is it the equipment? Is it the strategy? What does it take to win at racquetball? Quite frankly, it is probably a combination of all three, accompanied by a healthy competitive spirit.

Whereas opinions vary as to how much emphasis should be placed on each of the aforementioned components, most players would agree that they all deserve serious consideration in order to excel at this sport.

Consider skill, for example. Skill may be related to a player’s dexterity, strength, and the ability to move quickly forward, backward, or laterally. Good eyesight, quick reaction time, and exceptional judgment are also factors that determine the degree of skill a player possesses.

Without doubt, equipment plays its part in enabling a player to win at this sport. Modern technology has allowed for numerous changes in the manufacture of racquets. Subtle differences in racquet weight, shape of frame, overall size, and concavity all play a role. What about the gauge of the racquet string? String gauge ranges from 15 to 18 and determine the power and control with which the ball is hit. Gauge also has a bearing on the durability of the string. A racquetball glove also enables the player to maintain a better grip with his racquet hand. Additionally, the ball itself does its part when it comes to winning at racquetball. The color of the ball generally determines how it has been manufactured as to speed, weight, and visibility.

While it takes every component to be successful at racquetball, many experienced players would say that strategy is most important. The ability to execute a speedy serve to the right target point puts a player at an advantage. Positioning on the court makes it possible to make a speedy return and catch your component off guard. Judgment as to the final destination of a serve or return minimizes running and conserves strength for future plays.

Knowing what it takes to win is one thing. Winning itself, is another. Armed with this information, what should you do? First of all, improve your skill by practice, practice, practice. The more you train the muscles used while playing, the more you will improve your ability to move quickly, to react immediately, and to judge appropriately. Since it all begins in the brain, training those neuronal pathways by use is the best way to improve your skill.

When it comes to equipment, do your research. Many reviews have been published that rate the quality of racquets and the gauge and speed of balls. Some of the more prominent racquetball equipment brands include Ektelon, Wilson, Python, Hi-tec, E-Force, Gearbox, HEAD, Pro Penn, Technifibre, and Ashawy. Of course, you must expect to pay more for those with the highest rating. However, do not minimize the role that the quality of the equipment plays in winning at this sport.

As to strategy, this too is something that generally comes with time. Play with experienced players. Learn their techniques, then put these to use in your own game. Watch racquetball training videos. Read articles about strategies. Whereas some individuals appear to possess a natural inborn ability to quickly strategize, most require considerable time to master this important facet of the game.

Now put together this winning combination of skill, equipment, and strategy. Merge that with your love of the sport and your healthy competitive spirit. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish on this twenty-feet by forty-feet court. Yes, without question, you can win at racquetball!