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Top Warhammer Online Witch Elf Guide – Warhammer Online Witch Elf Strategy and Leveling Guides

Top Warhammer Online Witch Elf Guide – Warhammer Online Witch Elf Strategy and Leveling Guides

The witch elf is another one of the career options under the Dark Elves Army. She is best known for being the bride of the Lord of Murder, Khaine himself. They believe that killing the opponents is a form of honor and worship to the bloodthirsty Khaine. A number of gamers have constructed Warhammer Online Witch Elf strategy, leveling, and full guides to help out newbies and other players in trying to both play as and fight against them.

She is described to very beautiful and very deadly as well, and fills up the role of the melee DPS. Frenzy is the name of their primary mechanic in the battlefield. She also carries around an elixir that can boost their power and at the same time weaken their opponents through poison. In this particular career option, they are all females.

The strongest defenses may be nothing to her if she is in full battle mode. It seems as if nothing can stop her when she is in a fighting frenzy. Equipped with impressive skills of agility and speed, she can surely prove their worth as dark warriors and ultimately earn the favor of their dark lords and masters. Their stealth, however, has been reported by players to be quite limited. They carry along with them daggers whose blades are coated with thick, rich poisons that can cause death with a fling and strike.

She has three path of masteries to choose from: the path of carnage, the path of suffering, and the path of treachery. The path of Carnage focuses in quick killings. They slaughter her opponents directly: killing anyone who comes into her path. the Path of Suffering is concerned with lingering afflictions: those damaging attacks that fool the victims into thinking that they are not injured only to realize later that the attack is indeed fatal and it is too late to do anything about it. The last path, the Path of Treachery, has the element of stealth. She will stalk the enemy and kill them from behind, just when the opponent does not have the slightest suspicion that he is in danger.

When you play as her, do not forget your set of strengths as well as that of your weaknesses. Your main strength lies in your unstoppable killing spree once you get into that killing mood or frenzy. While you do have the ability to make a killing in the path of treachery, do not forget that you do have limitations when it comes to your stealth. Another thing may be that your beauty can be a form of weapon: in a way that opponents may think that since you are a work of beauty you may not be that brutal or gruesome. But she is nothing like that because her beauty does not hinder her from making sure that Khaine is honored with the most murder that can be done. Having a Warhammer Online Witch Elf strategy, leveling, and full guide will help with your game a lot.