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Top Nintendo Games For the Wii

Top Nintendo Games For the Wii

If you crave adventure as well as entertainment in your gaming experience, then Nintendo has something in store for you.

Nintendo released another video console known as Nintendo Wii. It was released in the month of November and in 2006. This video console competes with its other competitors of the seventh generation era such as Xbox 360 which is produced by Microsoft and PlayStation 3 produced by Sony. Nintendo Wii is one of my favorite gaming consoles. A huge number of Nintendo Wii have so far been sold and this broke the record of best selling video game console in December 2009 in US.

Super Mario bros is a 2D version of the classic Mario with much better colors, graphics and much more abilities and tools for Mario to avoid troubles during the game and to complete the levels. I can surely say that this is one of the top Nintendo Wii games. Rated “E” for everyone, it means everyone can enjoy it.

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is an award winning RPG. This Wii game is the winner of several game of the year awards. It provides very nice graphics and slashing the sword is done by swinging the Wii remote. The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess includes nine dungeons.

Toy Story mania is another top Nintendo Wii title. Those kids who liked the Toy Story movies will definitely like this game. You can play this game in both single and multiplayer modes. They have also included two pair 3D glasses which are used for shooting in 6 3D galleries. It is rated everyone. Overall this is a great game for families.

A game that must be included in the top ten games for Nintendo Wii is Star Wars the Clone Wars Republic Heroes. In this game you can fight as a Jedi or a clone trooper. It has a new storyline. This is a nice game that provides accessible controls. This game is rated Teen. Star Wars the Clone Wars Republic Heroes will be surely liked by the Wii gamers out there.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash Up is one of a kind game for Nintendo Wii, villain vs. villain, turtle vs. splinter etc games for playing. The thing that makes it interesting is that its storyline is not connected with any television or comic or movie story. This game is rated everyone over 10 years.

There are also other Wii games that you will find very interesting like Lego Star Wars The complete Saga, A boy and His Blob, Zack and Wiki Quest for Barabaros Treasure, Bully Scholarship Edition, Boom Blox Bash Party, Wii Fit Plus etc. All these games make the Nintendo Wii a nice video game console.