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Top Five Video Games For Nintendo DS

Top Five Video Games For Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS is the current handheld video console available from Nintendo. The Nintendo DS has two LCD screens one to display the game and the other screen is a touchscreen. The touchscreen accepts input from the stylus. which is used to draw or write messages. The controls are located on both sides of the touchscreen. This handheld gaming system has a vast variety of video games available. How to you know which ones to try. Take a look at my top five games.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass – is the fourteenth game in The Legend of Zelda series. It is also the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for the GameCube. The Phantom Hourglass takes place in a parallel world of The Wind Waker. In Phantom Hourglass Link has to save Tetra from Bellum. Link begins his quest to find the Phantom Hourglass which he can use to find the Spirits of Courage, Wisdom, and Power. Link learns he needs the Phantom Sword to defeat Bellum so he travels through several islands to find three pure metals. Link can then have the metals forged into the sword to defeat Bellum.

2. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl- are the fourth installments of the Pokémon series games. The games begin in Sinnoh, where different species of Pokémon live. The games add new features like the ability to use the Wi-Fi connection for Internet play. You can play both games separately, however, you will need to trade between the two games to complete both.

3. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow – is another game in the Castlevania series. It takes place in a castle that is divided into different areas. Each area has different monsters and terrain. The areas also differ in their theme music playing while in that area. The character has the ability to move in any of the available areas, however, some areas are restricted until the player has the necessary items in his inventory to be able to gain access to the area.

4. New Super Mario Bros – This game is similar to other Mario games. In New Super Mario Bros Mario has to fight his way past Bowser’s men to rescue Princess Peach. Mario has access to the Super Mushroom, the Fire FLower and the Starman to help him to obtain his goal. New Super Mario Bros has Mario traveling to eight worlds each having ten levels to get to the Princess Peach.

5. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates – is the prequal to Crystal Chronicales available on the GameCube. This DS game has not yet released, but should be a winner when it does. Not only can it be played as a one-player game, but also has a multi-player version that allows for four players at a time. Magicite performs spells such as Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Cure, Clear and Raise. In story mode, all characters have a shared inventory for magicites.

With so many Nintendo DS games available your top five may look different then mine, but they are all enjoyable.