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Tips For Designing a Logo For Your Website

Tips For Designing a Logo For Your Website

When people go into an online business for themselves, they think that they can just throw up a website, pay for the domain name and they will become and instant millionaire. However, online businesses are about more than the website itself.

They are as much about branding as everything else is. It is important to get a brand for your company so you are not just another unprofessional website that has been thrown up and forgotten about.

You might even want to hire a company to do the branding and build the website for you. This should be a company that has experience in building websites and brands for businesses. They need to be able to make the site look very professional because that will be the face of your company.

The next thing you need to do is design a logo to represent the company. You can have the design company do it for you because they will make it look more professional but make some of the design decisions yourself and have an idea in your head about what you want it to look like.


1. Simplistic – The more simplistic a logo is, the better. You should think about all the brands with simple logos and see how successful they are. Nike has a tick and Apple has, well, an apple. If they had more complicated logos, do you think that they would have been as successful? Think about those games that are on apps and you have to guess the logo, how easy it is to find the simple logos and how hard it is to know what the complicated logos are.

2. Minimal Text – Your logo should be something that represents the company and have very little text. If you have text in your logo, it should just be used in the name of your company, or a small tagline. Or you can use the text as the logo itself. But you should not have a massive logo with sentences, and sentences of text, it just won’t be memorable.

3. Colours – Try and use colours that fit your brand. The colour shouldn’t be too bright because it will put people off and it shouldn’t be too dull because it will make your business less appealing. Neutral colours are always the best.

4. Format – If you hire a company to design the logo you have to make sure that they give you the logo in different back in different formats. Therefore you can use the logo on your website and you can print it on advertising materials. If you want to do this, then you have to make sure that you retain all ownership of all the designs otherwise you will have to ask the designer for permission every time you want to use the logo.

Some people have tried to design their logo themselves, but you should be looking to hire someone to do it for you unless you have had experience designing with popular design software such as Adobe or Pixelmator.

You have to think that this logo is going to represent the company for the rest of the life of the company. If you don’t think that you can do a professional job, then you have to hire someone.

You have to think of that logo as the face of the company. If it doesn’t look professional then people are going to think that the company is not professional and they are not going to hire you for any services. Anything to do with the company – the logo, the website, the branding, your application, and even the marketing strategy, has to look professional.