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The Power of Intention: An Inspirational Tony Robbins Motivational Story

The Power of Intention: An Inspirational Tony Robbins Motivational Story

While there are so many, I have to say that this is one of my favorite Tony Robbins motivational stories because it highlights so vividly what the power of intention can do when you really focus on the outcome and ask yourself the right questions.

This is the story of a Holocaust victim who had gone through the unbelievable stress of having witness his entire family put to death before his eyes. Fearing for his own life as well, he had only one thing in mind – “I have to find a way out of here”… And he began to focus.

So how did he focus?

He used Tony Robbins’ powerful techniques (although of course he had never heard of Tony Robbins in the 1940’s LOL). Nevertheless, when desperation calls, humankind finds a way.

As Tony says, he had the wherewithal to ask himself the right question, “What can I do to find a way out of here, using only what I have with me?” Notice he did NOT ask himself “Why is this happening to me?” or “How soon will it be before they kill me too?”

He focused only on the outcome he wanted, and his brain came up with a solution. When no one was looking, he quickly tore off his clothing and jumped into a pile of dead naked bodies, lying completely still so no one would be able to detect any difference between him and the thousands of other victims surrounding him – all dead.

Imagine what he may have been thinking – or feeling – already debilitated with depression over the loss of his loved ones, breathing in the odors of rotten flesh and scared to death of even breathing for fear he’d be noticed.

Yet, the power of intention made a clear path for this escape. He waited until he heard the trucks pull away. And, thank goodness, they had not covered the pile with dirt. Several hours later, he proceeded to climb his way out of the pile of dead bodies…

And he made it… only to run 20 miles stark naked to the nearest place for safety!

Many people who have become very successful in life have come up from an all-time low in their lives, where they ask that freeing question because it’s just a last resort.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

All we need to do is remember to ask ourselves the right questions – the kind of question that will empower us to make the right choices.

And actually, that’s all success really is… a series of “right” choices that you’ve made in your life.

I remember a time in my life when I continued to make one bad choice after the other. It wasn’t until I started listening to powerful audio recordings such as this story by Tony Robbins that I began making the right choices.

The difference lies in being able to stay aware of your choices and realize that the life you’re living right now is a direct result of your best thinking.