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The Best Home Business – How to Do Keyword Research For Newbies

The Best Home Business – How to Do Keyword Research For Newbies

Every one in what I consider to be the Best Home Business needs to do Keyword research.

Find Something You Have A Passion For Start by Brain storming all the things that you are Interested in. Hobbies, any thing that you have a passion for or know something about. If you do decide to go for a niche that you don’t know much,if anything about, then you will have to start reading up as much info as you can about the subject. Find eBooks,Articles (see article directories) and join a forum in your niche and learn from others there. Once you have picked at least one possibility you will then need to start looking for keywords.

Let’s take the subject of Dog training as an Example. I happen to know a lot on that subject As I was a Professional Dog Trainer for many years. The Market is “DOGS”, if we are interested in “training” then “Dog Training” is our niche, Keyword Tool But first we need some Software to do our research on. Google Ad words Keyword Tool is free and widely used Just type It into the search box on your browser. I still use the “old” interface, the choice is yours.. So let’s type in “Dog Training” which is more specific and type it in quotes to get pages that are relevant to your search. But if we put “Dog Training” into the keyword tool It will come back with 2.240.000 you will find it’s waaay to high and to broad. Try typing “Dog Training” into Google and you will find there is 60.000000 competing pages LOL.

When you put “Dog Training” into the keyword tool it will also give you a long list of other keywords, these are your potential sub niches. You want to look for monthly searches in the low thousands to start with and work your way lower if you have to but Not lower than 1000 monthly searches. Also look under Phrase rather than broad. The Lower The Better As a beginner, for competing pages I would suggest 14000 at the tops. Alright so Dog Training is no good either.

Remember I said there will be a list of other keywords under the main one, (Dog training). Go through those and see if there is something there that you could use. I picked out Dog toilet training for this example as I noticed it had 5.400 searches. I then Googled it and found there were only 7.500 competing pages…Bingo good amount of searches and very low competition. You should also find more keywords that are related to your main key word by going through the same process.

In our example I would look for keywords related to Dog toilet training. OK so now you have the basics of keyword research.

My best wishes and I hope success follows you