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SureFire Flashlights Save Lives

SureFire Flashlights Save Lives

Among the key ingredients of a well-prepared emergency kit is a quality flashlight. In fact, in literature on preparing for emergencies of any kind, Homeland Security lists a battery powered light source right between a radio and a first aid kit. At first thought, most people will agree that this is an obvious choice for emergency situations. During many emergencies, such as hurricanes or earthquakes, the power is interrupted and citizens often find themselves spending several nights in darkness. A flashlight becomes a very hand thing to have around.

If you are going to rely on one or two flashlights during a time you will be without power for several days, you are going to want to make sure you have quality lights in your emergency kit. You may want to consider purchasing a SureFire flashlight. SureFire began life as a company which built laser-sight parts for weapons and moved into the portable lighting industry. SureFire is the largest supplier of lights to the armed forces, and is known for super-powerful, durable products. SureFire’s wide list of lights are carried by soldiers, federal agents, and swat-team members. If these lights can take the beating given by these elite forces, they can make it through life in your emergency kit. In addition to superb lighting power and durability, SureFire also offers flashlights with extremely long battery life. The U2 Ultra LED light can get over 40 hours on two batteries!

Not all emergencies involve nights without power, though. Everyday, people face a wide variety of emergencies, some involving life or death situations. Some of these times call for immediate action in order to get out alive, and it’s hard to believe that a flashlight provides any help at all. But there are hundreds of stories being told about how SureFire flashlights gave individuals the edge they needed to get out of incredibly dangerous or stressful situations in the most positive way.

In Colorado City, Texas, a man grabbed his G2 Nitrolon when his wife is about to deliver their child. The midwives were so impressed with the power of the light provided, they all went home with SureFire products to use during future deliveries.

There are multiple accounts of SureFire flashlights frightening off bears that were in the process of charging campers or hunters. A man in Pennsylvania lived through an encounter with a 600 pound bear due to quick thinking and the blinding light of his E2D Defender. In many bear stories found about SureFire products, the bright beam of the flashlight stopped angry or charging bears in their tracks, blinding them or turning them in another direction!

Bears aren’t the only animals SureFire flashlights can conquer. There are stories of wild dogs, mountain lions, cats, monkeys, snakes, moose, wild boar, alligators and coyotes all being bested by the bright light of these superb lights. A man in Washington State even used his G2 LED to frighten a pest from his garage in a quick, non-violent way. SureFire flashlights don’t just save people, they save animals too. In many of the cases where SureFire products were used to frighten or deter animals, they were used in place of guns!

Of course, lives can be endangered by more than animals. Sometimes, carelessness and miscommunication can put people in harm’s way. For example, a police officer in New York tells of a night at the firing range when the lights were not working properly. During one of the firing sessions, he thought he detected movement in the firing range, and used his SureFire M6 Guardian to check the range. He swept the range up to 130 feet away and discovered that someone was in the line of fire. Just in time, the police officer ordered everyone to stop shooting, avoiding a gruesome and unnecessary accident due to quick thinking and powerful lighting.

As you can see by these true stories from SureFire flashlight owners, not only is a good flashlight a great tool for many emergencies, the SureFire products are superb tools. SureFire has been in business for many years, and is known among professionals as a company that manufactures high-quality, reliable flashlights for a wide range of needs. SureFire’s product line includes weapon attachments, home defense, and general flashlights. In reviewing SureFire product information online, it is noted that each of their products garners a large number of excellent reviews, and many customers feel like there is no better flashlight than the SureFire product they own.

SureFire flashlights do save lives, and many people have written in to SureFire to let them know. What better flashlight could you find for your emergency preparedness kit than a product which has been tested true time and again, by professional warriors and regular citizens alike?