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So What Can a Hairdresser Do For Me?

So What Can a Hairdresser Do For Me?

A Hairdresser is the person whose job it is to cut or style your hair, to change or maintain your image as you desire. Your hairdresser does it using a mixture of hair coloring, hair cutting and hair texturing techniques. Hairdressers are often called hair technicians but can also be your beautician as well.

In the US hair dressers are usually known as technicians and stylists while in some countries like the UK, Australia and New Zealand, the term hairdresser is more commonly used. This profession may have its roots in the latter centuries of the English nobility as hair use to be a large part of their ethnicity.

Today’s hairdressers are supposed to be alike fashion designers who put in their efforts to enhance your looks and overall appearance. They monitor your personality and after that, very carefully a hairstyle is devised to enhance the appeal of your personality.

A great haircut must maintain healthy hair that looks stylish and be easy to maintain while suiting your face shape and lifestyle. Your mirror is your best friend to figure out your features and kind of face shape you have. The best haircut style for you is determined by your face shape and a great hairstyle is always dependent on this fact. Therefore, the hairstyle that suits you is the hairstyle that will highlight balance and beauty and be the style that you can easily follow and style on your own. Your hairstylist should make maintenance of the hairstyle an important decision for your new look. Search as many different hair styles that are available, select those that suit your face type and go accordingly. Your hairstylist is often the best judge to determine the hairstyle suited for your personality.

A good hairstylist definitely desires to emphasize on your most beautiful features like high cheekbones, strong jaw lines etc., and likes to play down less approving features. The shape of the face is finding lesser importance from many hairstylists now days, but shape of the face is a good way to establish general limitation for a cut. If you don’t know the shape of your face but eager to know it, then you are suggested tying your hair back, stand up close to the mirror and trace the reflection of your face with the help of a suitable medium (lip liner/ glass marker). Step back and have a look! The shape of your face will resemble a round, square, oval or heart shape.

It is very important to know the type of hair you have as well, whether or not it is fine thick, thin, etc, as this and the shape of your face are the two essential factors to keep in mind when choosing a new hairstyle.

Some of the more common hair cuts or terms are listed below;

Afro, A-Line, Bangs / Fringe, Bantu/Zulu knots, Beehive, Bouffant, Bun, Blowout/Taper, Buzz cut, Bob cut, Bowl cut, Caesar cut, Chelsea girl, Chonmage, Comb over, Cornrows, Crew cut, Crop, Croydon facelift, Curtained hair, Devilock, Dido flip, Dreadlocks, Duck’s Ass or Ducktail, Emo hair, Fauxhawk, Feathered hair, Finger wave, Flattop, Flip, Fofa, French braid, French twist, High and tight, Hime cut, Hi-top fade, Horseshoe Flattop, Induction cut, Jheri curl, Japanese hair straightening, Khokhol, Layered hair, Liberty spikes, Long hair, Low and tight, Mohawk, Mop-Top, Mullet, Odango, Ofuku, Pageboy, Perm, Pigtails, Pixie, Pompadour, Ponytail, Quiff, Recon, Rattail, Ringlet, Ronaldo, Short back and sides, Shape-Up, Sidebang, Spiked, Side Spike, Tape-Up, Taper fade, Tonsure, Undercut, Updo, Shag and Wings.

Besides these, hairstylists are always devising many more new styles according to clients’ personality and lifestyles.

Here are some tips for you to help with your new haircut

o If you have super thick long hair, maybe opt for layers to help reduce the bulk

o It is important to have your hair trimmed on a regular basis. Your hairdresser will advise you on the time frame but usually it is every 6-8 weeks. This will help to reduce split ends and will also encourage growth if you are trying to grow your hair.

o If you start to notice that the ends of your hair or your layers are starting to get frizzy, you may be overdue for a trim or a conditioning treatment.

o Make sure you talk to your hairdresser. Don’t just assume that they will know what you want. If you can take with you some photos or cut out pictures from a magazine. A good hairdresser will be able to advise you whether or not a style will suit or may even be able to adjust a certain style so that it will look better on your face shape. Don’t just walk in and say “I want a change”

o Avoid a major change. If you have always had long hair don’t suddenly shave it all off. 9 times out of 10 you will hate it! But then again there have been people that have gone from long to short and have totally loved it. Again chat to your hairdresser; they are an invaluable source of information.

But the most important tip is:

The best Hairdresser or stylist is one who treats you with respect and styles your hair the way you want it.