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Sneaky Sniper 2 Walkthrough

Sneaky Sniper 2 Walkthrough

You have proven your sniper skills in the field and our boss has once again hired you to take on several more missions for our company’s’ best interest. Sneaky Sniper 2 is an awesome sequel to the very popular online sniper game called Sneaky Sniper! Sneaky Sniper 2 features classic stickman sniper game graphics in color and smooth animations. Not only must you have a great aim, there are many small puzzles you must solve to be successful at your mission. If you are having troubles passing this game, then continue to read on for a walkthrough.

In mission one, your assignment is to fly to Japan and eliminate a colleague of a Japanese crime boss. He works as a soccer coach during the day. Your target is standing up holding a white clipboard. One shot one kill!

In mission two, your target is the leader of a high school delinquent gang that raids smaller stores in town demanding money for protection. The gang leader will be seen holding two samurai swords. He is the third stickman and pretty easily spotted. Look for them to walk in from the right.

In mission three, your target is a delivery driver that will be delivering a large shipment to a local ramen restaurant. He will be the fourth guy on the motorcycle driving in from the left. He is the only one not wearing a hat.

In mission four, your assignment is on a remote island in the south Pacific. Your target loves to sail and take rest stops at this beautiful island. You must take him out and make it look like an accident. First shoot the rope connecting the sail on the left side. Then shoot the tiny piece of connecting rope of the right side. Lastly, shoot the last rope connected to the sail and the boon which will then snap and decapitate your target.

In mission five, sources reported that members of the Japanese crime group will hold a secret meeting at a mountain hot spring resort. You must eliminate them all at once! First, aim up and to the right for the power line and shoot it out. Next, there is a small power switch on the right side of the small house. You’ll notice it looks like a grey box. Shoot it. Once that happens it will electrocute all the crime group members sitting in the hot spring!

Unfortunately, the boss was not in the group we assassinated in the last mission. Luckily, in mission six, we have intel that another high ranking official has been sighted at a mountain ski resort. You mission will be to take him out. Once you are on site, mission details will be given to you. Your target is wearing a red ski scarf and he is the only one at the resort wearing one that is red. Your chance will be as he is skiing down the mountain. You must not miss!

In mission seven, one of our informers who have infiltrated the group has been caught. He will be executed tonight. The gang plans on throwing him into the lake. Problem is, our informer cannot swim. In order to save him, first shoot the rope that is connected from the tugboat to the barge and disconnect it. Next, aim for the stickman on the far right at the top of the bridge pointing a gun at our informer and take him out! He will knock over our informant and he will land safely into the barge of trash. This mission is quite hard. You have to be quick. It took me quite awhile to pass it!

In mission eight, our informant has told us the location of the gang leader. Expect him to be heavily guarded. Kill all the guards without allowing them to radio for backup. Wait for the top guard to turn his back; this is your chance to take out the middle guard. Shoot him, then immediately shoot the top guard then you can shoot the guard walking closest to you.

In mission nine, we are told that the boss is in the temple on the other side of the complex. Snipers are everywhere so keep your eyes open and shoot them before they shoot you. There are six of them total. Keep your eyes peeled for high up in the trees on both the left and right side.

In the final mission, you are now able to assassinate the crime boss at the temple. You must lure him out by taking out his guards first. Snipe the guards on the top floor and move your way down. Once the guards have been assassinated, the boss will quickly ride out from the temple on a motorcycle. Hope you have a good aim! Kill him and you will have successfully completed all your missions in Sneaky Sniper 2!