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SMSci-Fi: A Telecommunications Daydream

SMSci-Fi: A Telecommunications Daydream

They say dreams are free. So are text messages, I have to add (well, almost free, lol).

There is a great legacy about messages, transmitted to universe to attract extraterrestrial life, if any. I can recall in my memory the Arecibo message, which was a demonstration of human technological achievement, than a real attempt to enter into a conversation with extraterrestrials. However, most prominent among them is the Voyager Golden Record. No doubt, it has beautiful selections of earth’s nature and humanity’s achievements.

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, for humans to be able to send messages to the universe as well?

SMS messaging is the most common way of communication in the 21st century. Why not use Bulk SMS to Aliens and reach our intergalactic friends?

Technology takes such leaps, so I guess we don’t have to worry about the transmission itself. After all, it’s the idea that will generate the technological need.

Come to think of it, there couldn’t possibly be a greater portrayal of humanity, other than everyday text messages. Because, all that we do, all that matter to us, our parents, friends and jobs are reflected through our communication.

Instead of receiving delivery notifications (now is that scary?), a simple transmission report can be provided.

A Bulk SMS Company could give this project a futuristic name and offer the chance to everybody to send a text message. They can even conduct research of what would people want to say to aliens and create SMS templates. There will be no language barriers, no cultural filtering, just a genuine, direct message.

People can send Bulk SMS to Aliens with everyday messages of their own choice and be given the chance accessing directly any form of life outside our pretty little planet.

Now, honestly, would you mind sparing a few SMS for this purpose? The SMS-style communications are transmitted in the hope that alien life forms will intercept them and discover Earth. Pass your own message, regardless of what NASA considers important?

I’m not referring to fatalism, karma believers and the universe-is-with-you followers. Just counting on mere chance, possibilities and the power that massive messaging might have. Even if there is no life beyond earth, or if my SMS will never be read, I will take my chances for the fun of it.

Composing a text will never be the same again. “Spacing” in between words, will always remind me of my far-off recipients.