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ServerPronto – World’s Most Affordable Dedicated Server

ServerPronto – World’s Most Affordable Dedicated Server

ServerPronto offers the best price in the dedicated server business. ServerPronto is breaking the price barrier for dedicated hosting not by offering a sub-standard product at a low price, but by offering a top-quality, feature rich product at an incredible price. ServerPronto offers fast, reliable servers with everything you need to operate on the Internet. Whether you are using server for web development, tinkering, email, photos, gaming, reselling, or all of the above and more, ServerPronto will deliver an outstanding experience.

The World’s Most Inexpensive Dedicated Server

ServerPronto is the best deal on dedicated servers. Monthly and setup fees of ServerPronto are the best in the business, especially with network uptime guarantee. ServerPronto continuously focus to deliver competitive prices all the time. Now ServerPronto offering FREE Setup when you choose Quarterly Billing and activation within 2 hours! You can also easily customize your dedicated server. That means you have option to choose Hard Drive, RAM, Operating System, Control Panel (CentOS, Debain, Fedora Core, FreeBSD, Gentoo, OpenBSD, OpenSUSE, RedHat Enterprise Linux RedHat Enterprise Linux 64 Bit, Suse, Ubuntu, Ubuntu 64-Bit, Windows 2003, Windows 2003 64 Bit, Windows 2003 Enterprise, Windows 2003 Web, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 64-Bit, Windows 2008 Enterprise, Windows 2008 Web),  Microsoft SQL, Managed Firewall, 24/7 Uptime Support,FTP Backup Space, Additional IP Addresses, Port, Bandwidth and Voice Support option.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

ServerPronto offers 99.99% network uptime guarantee. Carrier Class data centers feature state-of-the-art hardware, network and fully redundant connectivity to provide customers with a high-performing, reliable server. All the servers have plenty of power to meet customers’ needs, and the connection is fast and reliable.

Premium Multihomed Bandwidth

ServerPronto utilizes the Infolink network which maintains multiple redundant direct fiber-optic connections to Tier 1 Internet backbones. All ServerPronto bandwidth is dynamically routed to the fastest available carrier utilizing the latest BGP4 technology. Your server will be directly connected via a 100Mbps Full Duplex switched Ethernet Port. All of this means that you will have an extremely reliable, fast (100Mbps) direct connection to multiple Tier 1 Internet backbones. This type of Internet connection is used by most of the world’s largest websites including Yahoo, MSN, and CNN.

Premium Grade New Servers

ServerPronto servers are assembled with quality components that can withstand demanding data center environments. Unlike other dedicated server providers, you will be delivered a new server that has never been used by another customer.

 24/7 Customer Support

ServerPronto provides responsive and experienced 24/7 customer support via e-mail and ticketing system. Customer support is consistently very courteous, helpful, and quick. Their seasoned technicians are also available when you need them.


ServerPronto has been awarded several Top 10 Dedicated Server Awards. This award is given to companies that offer outstanding performance and value for dedicated servers.