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Remote Viewing of the UFO Phenomenon

Remote Viewing of the UFO Phenomenon

Project Stargate began as a response to pressure from soviet Russia during the cold war. The unacceptable scenario of Russian psychic spies even attempting to garner intelligence information from the United States prompted a definitive yet skeptical response from the Pentagon.

Stargate was unexpectedly successful, taking the leadership within the military establishment by surprise, but what was even more unexpected was the influence that exposure to this ‘spiritual’ practice had on the operatives. In a world of violence and aggression, the practice of remote viewing opened the practitioners up to a universe of connected elements. What was once a set of shapes and forms moving around, separate form the self and dissociated, became a kind of extension of the self.

Now ex military personnel from the retired Stargate program are holding classes in the techniques they learned. Furthermore, there is an element of intrigue surrounding their revelations about the so called UFO cover up that they managed to expose themselves to while ensconced in the secretive world of black ops projects.

One of the reasons for the retirement of the Stargate program was the unauthorized access that these viewers had to restricted, need to know data on the compartmentalized UFO development and ‘back engineering’ activities in the Nevada Desert, among other places. The ex CIA remote viewer, Joe McMoneagle has been interviewed about his military experience with this subject, as well as Major Ed Dames, who now provides a comprehensive set of training DVDs on this subject .

What has come from the testimony of these government whistleblowers and has subsequently been proven by the experience of countless practitioners, who have been educated in remote viewing techniques, is that there are compartmentalized programs within the military industrial complex dealing with extraterrestrial technologies. The rabbit hole runs very deep, and explanations of secret military activity involve human and extraterrestrial interactions that transcend our planet.

If the full length and breadth of the UFO cover-up were to be disclosed to the public, which will surely happen within the next few years or even months, a dramatic paradigm shift will occur. Exposure to the techniques involved in remote viewing is indeed self empowering and life changing, however the ramifications of UFO disclosure to the general public will ensure such a change as to completely transform our civilization.