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Private Air Service Is Where It’s At

Private Air Service Is Where It’s At

Is private air service an option for you?

If you’re part of a social media network such as Facebook, you’re probably still seeing the fallout of winter travel experiences from folks in your network. Between flight delays, crowded airways, airplanes that were full to brimming and the general irritation of flying during the holidays, some folks are still recovering.

Part of the biggest nuisance of traveling via airplane is that many passengers feel as if airlines simply aren’t hearing them. We’ve talked before about the general decline of the commercial aviation industry, including lost baggage, less perks on flights, and the ludicrous cost of plane tickets. Many frequent flyers are disillusioned by continuously shrinking planes that leave little to no legroom, having to pay to check their baggage or store it in their limited legroom, and airlines no longer providing simple services like snacks and beverages without additional cost.

Shouldn’t frequent flyers be treated with some kind of respect? Today’s aviation industry would have you believe that frequent flyers should be treated no differently than first time flyers… and that they are doing you a favor for allowing you on their airplane. Fortunately enough, this is where small airplane rental companies come in.

You have the money – fly better.

More and more business class passengers are looking at splitting private and charter plane fare to get to where they need to be. Covering the cost of an air taxi or sky limo 2-3 ways might be a better idea than the tedious process of day-long layovers, and in some cases, lost luggage. The disadvantages of commercial flying make working with smaller airplanes and airlines much more attractive – and this year, we’re certain commercial airlines will feel that shift.

You don’t have to fly.

It’s not uncommon to hear passengers in a commercial airports say things like, “I’d rather drive and have my own experience than deal with this anymore.” For many people, especially during the holidays, dealing with commercial airport hassles takes away the experience of traveling that can be fun and fulfilling. A solution is necessary for passengers everywhere that puts the fun back into flying, and gives you the luxury you deserve for the price you’re paying.

Choosing a small carrier, or a luxury air taxi service may provide a relieving and welcome alternative from long lines, hassles, and the general discomfort of commercial airline travel.

There are plenty of small airline options out there – it’s worth a look around for the distinguished traveler who expects more out of his or her flight experience.