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Platonic-Fullerene Chemistry and the August 2011 Riots in Britain

Platonic-Fullerene Chemistry and the August 2011 Riots in Britain

A young Malaysian student nursing a broken jaw, inflicted upon him during the August 2011 riots across Britain, expressed sorrow for those who robbed him during their pretext of coming to his aid. His compassion toward their actions made headlines around the world. The Prime Minister of Britain made it clear that he had no such thoughts of compassion toward the crimes committed by the rioters. His angry political reaction also made world headlines. The question arises as to why this violent rioting with its various degrees of compassion had occurred in the first place? A scientific answer can be considered to exist related to a newly emerging medical chemistry.

The mathematical association between evolving human emotion and an infinite reality can only be scientifically investigated through the use of fractal geometrical logic. During the First Kingdom of Egypt, pictures were made depicting such geometrical logic being used to link compassion to an imaginary infinite hereafter. Egyptian hieroglyphs record that in the Second Kingdom, following the collapse of the First Kingdom through a prolonged drought, the concepts of compassion, mercy and justice were fused into political law. Philosophers from ancient Greece, including Pythagoras, travelled to Egypt to study this geometry of political ethics. That knowledge formed the basis of the science developed by the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy, which was called the Science for Ethical Ends.

When a Roman Christain mob burned the Great Library of Alexandria in the 5th Century and murdered its custodian, the mathematician Hypatia, St Augustine proclaimed her use of Platonic fractal logic to be a pagan heresy and the mathematics was condemmend as the work of the Devil. Western science became so contaminated with this nonsense that 20th Century science became based upon the Einsteinian world-view, in which an incorrect understanding of the second law of thermodynamics became the premier law governing all of the sciences. This meant that it became impossible to associate human evolution to infinite fractal logic, although scientists agreed that such logic did indeed extend to infinity.

The 21st Century development of Platonic-Fullerene chemistry has demonstrated that the living process is indeed a fractal logic phenomenon, which challenges the now obsolete understanding of the second law of thermodynamics. Global economic rationalism, based upon the second law mentality, contains no sustainable ethics at all, no matter how much it is praised by entropic aestheticism. The current global economic turmoil, acting against naturally evolving compassion, is now definable within the functioning of the Molecule of Emotion discovered by Dr Candace Pert in 1972. It is simply the acceleration of the ugly unethical universal chaos as is precisely defined by the outdated understanding of the second law of thermodynamics.

The solution to this social scientific insanity is about knowledge of how the workings of entropic chemistry are balanced by the functioning of Platonic-Fullerene chemistry. Entropic quantum mechanics co-exists with the fractal logic of quantum biology. Obviously, this will need assistance from people with economic genius who are interested in helping to create the wealth belonging to the technologies associated with a sustainable human compassionate reality. As the unnatural global debt crisis continues to damage both the material and Platonic spiritual (holographic) environments, so the entropic nightmare that we live in, will increase in creating further needless chaos and destruction. That is simply the stated prime directive of the unbalanced entropic world-view ethos.

Aristotle concieved of an ethical medical science to guide ennobling government so that civilisation would not become extinct. As Platonic-Fullerene chemisty is developed as a medical science, the ennobling wisdom innate within the ancient Atomistic science for ethical ends, can beharnessed as a more sustainable guideline for a new ethical global economic rationalism.

© Professor Robert Pope.