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Party Cowboy Hats

Party Cowboy Hats

Western themed parties are gaining popularity among kids of all ages. Casual and fun, they’re the perfect way to celebrate a birthday or welcome the beginning of summer vacation. Western parties can be designed with both boys and girls in mind, offering a little something to everyone and a chance for your child to invite all of his or her favorite classmates. Must-have accessories include everything from sheriff’s stars to bandanas, but the most important, of course, is the cowboy party hat.

Cowboy party hats can be purchased in party supply stores, toy stores, and online at sites. Available in everything from straw to foam, you’re sure to find the perfect cowboy party hats to fit your theme, and your budget. Kids love to play dress up, and a cowboy party hat immediately sets the mood for ropin’, ridin’, and cake eatin’! Boys and girls alike will be thrilled when their young party host presents them with their very own hat and names them an honorary deputy for the day. You might consider personalising each hat with the child’s name, or including a fun craft activity that allows each child to decorate his or her own hat.

If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your decorations at your Western themed kids’ party, hats are the way to go. Cowboy party hats can fill a multitude of roles. Turn them upside down and fill them with goodies for kids’ take-home bags. Or line them with red bandanas and fill them with chips or other snacks. Hang them from the ceiling wrapped with strands of Christmas lights, or use them in centerpiece arrangements. You can even deliver the party invitations rolled up inside cowboy party hats, with a note asking your guests to wear the hats to the event.

Hats are also great to use in party games. Stack up six cowboy party hats in a pyramid pattern, and let the kids throw beanbags or tennis balls to knock them down. This Western twist on the classic milk bottle carnival game is safe – and quiet! – ensuring that none of your young guests will get hurt. Another game includes turning a series of cowboy party hats upside down and letting each child toss beanbags into them. The farthest hats are worth more points and garner a bigger prize!

There is really no end to the possibilities, and the uses for these inexpensive and easy-to-find party hats are limited only by your own creativity. No cowboy is complete with out his trusty hat, and no Western party would be complete without cowboy party hats!

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