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Overview on 3D Animation

Overview on 3D Animation

3D animation is a process of creating moving pictures in a digital environment that is three dimensional. In brief, animating objects which appears in a three dimensional environment and which can be rotated and moved like real objects can be termed as 3D animation. With the help of 3D software application one can create careful crafted 3D objects / models / characters, which gives an illusion of movement or an animation. 3D animation is the heart of games and virtual reality; however it also plays an important role in presentation graphics making the visuals more attractive. It is a process which involves innovative ideas to shape up the concept and to make it come alive.

Nowadays, 3D animation has started taking place into the market with more and more industries demanding for the solutions offered by 3D animations. Ranging from presentations to advertisements, games to virtual reality, movies to education theories and more, 3D animation have earned its position in the market place. In fact, 3D animation offers a vast range of solutions which includes:

• TV commercials
• Documentaries
• Medical Visualization
• Cartoon comedy
• Opening Titles
• Video games
• Character branding
• Marketing
• Virtual worlds
• Mobile and desktop apps
• And much more…

For a company, it helps to mesmerize its audience, acquiring more customers, increase ROI and eventually more business with increased profit.

In any animation motion is simulated in a way that human eyes tend to believe that motion has actually taken place. The reason of this illusion is because of chronological orders of images are passed very fast at a very high frame rate.

This is a common theory in all types of animation whether it is stop motion animation, 2D animation or 3D animation. In stop motion animation, real life models are moved slightly and filmed, and the process continues; this creates a 2D animation effect when the complete video is played. Whereas 3D animation is a combined process of 2D animation and stop motion animation, done within the computer and exported in a playable video format as a final layout.

3D animation is also a core part of computer graphics which includes sub-categories such as:

• 3D modeling
• 3D scanning
• 3D rendering
• 3D printing
• And more…

There are indeed few professional computer graphics companies in UK, equipped with skilled team of professional’s 3D developers who are well-versed on various 3D animation software applications ensuring that their clients get the best services in 3D animation.