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Optimus L3 a Budget Phone by LG

Optimus L3 a Budget Phone by LG

The LG has recently launched a Smartphone for budget conscious users, the LG Optimus L3. This Smartphone runs on Android OS and is priced at $153.67 that makes it a budget category Smartphone. Let us find out about the specs of this phone and other technical aspects.


The look and design of LG Optimus L3 is different from other Smartphones. Comparatively it is neither sleek nor as stylish as other brands available in the market. It is a unibody phone with plastic finish that measures 102mm x 61.6mm x 11.7mm. This means that this phone is relatively smaller that makes it convenient to carry in pocket and it fits well in the palm. Screen of the phone measures 3.2 inches but it is impressive to look at. This Smartphone is available in two colors: off white and black color.

Specifications and features

When it comes to the specs and features of this phone the phone seems pretty decent in the approach. This phone has a 3mp camera at the rear end. The phone is powered with 1540 mAh battery that is powerful enough to support the routine functionalities and browsing for a whole day without charging. The UI (2.0) of the phone is more the same as in any Android phone as there are not much differences.

However a user interested in downloading music or storing pictures can do with 1GB of storage capacity. For more memory space one can opt to expand the memory with 32GB micro SD card. For social media enthusiasts Twitter and Facebook are provided. These work fast and smooth, other functionalities like network, voice and music sound are good especially when we look at an entry level phone like L3. Another interesting thing about this phone is that it is a dual SIM phone; you can insert two GSM SIM cards in this phone.

LG Optimus L3: Screen and display

Thought this is s Smartphone but with mere 3.2 inches of screen, this does leaves a user disappointed. A phone that is competing against the likes of Sony and Nokia budget phones, much is expected on terms of a decent display screen. Nonetheless, the resolution of this phone is 320X240 pixel which does some justice to the display. A user will be easily able to browse through social media websites and play games as these require image clarity and sharpness that is delivered well by this phone. The display is comfortably visible at all the angles and is brighter too this makes it easy to view e-mails, pictures and other content with relative clarity.


This phone is powered with Qualcomm MSM7225A at 800MHz processor. The system runs on Gingerbread that is decent in its performance. However, one must remember that this phone is not made for heavy gaming or downloads. On a routine basis if you use this phone for browsing then it will work fine but indulging in streaming songs and videos might leave you a bit disappointed, this is as much as its 384mb RAM can support.


The battery of LG Optimus L3 is decent as it provides a day of backup if you indulge in routine browsing. As far as the talk time goes you will be able to pull through 10 hours of 3G talk time, with 2G you will be able to use it for 12.5 hours easily. Another interesting thing to notice is that if you keep the Wi-Fi turned on and use push E-mail functionality this will amaze you with a couple of days battery backup without having to charge your phone. Overall, the battery performance is good and exactly what one expects out of it especially with a budget phone like LG.

The Verdict

LG Optimus L3 is comes out as a winner when it comes to style, design and small form. Other things like battery life are impressive, UI is user friendly and smooth. Gaming enthusiasts will be surprised by its ability to support 3D games and load flash content easily. However, the phone has its cons too, especially with 3mp camera that may leave the user disappointed; another thing is the internal memory that seems a bit low. However, a user has an option of expandable memory but this does leaves one a bit disappointed especially for storing music and pictures. If the camera quality is tweaked then this phone will be able to interest majority of technology users looking for budget phone.