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Northrend Flight Paths

Northrend Flight Paths

Wrath of the Lich King in World of Warcraft will introduce players to many different flight points. This is one of the most popular topics when a new expansion is released by Blizzard Entertainment. In this helpful and informative guide, you will be introduced to the various flight points that will be available to players that will be engaging in activity in this cold, frozen wasteland to the North of all of the other lands in WoW.

Borean Tundra

When visiting the Borean Tundra, you will have three separate flight points to choose from. This is a relatively large area that is located in the southwest region of Northrend. If you are in the level range of sixty eight to seventy two, and are an Alliance character, you can get a flight path at an area that is called “Valiance Keep”, “Fizzcrank Airstrip”. If you are a Horde character, you can get a flight path at “Warsong Hold”, Bor’gorok Outpost”, Taunka’le Village”. If you want to visit in an area that is considered to be “Neutral”, your flight path will be located at “Amber Ledge”, “Transitus Shield”, and “Unu’pe”.


If you will be in the area of Wintergrasp, which hosts play to characters that are level seventy seven to level eighty, then you will be pleased to know that there is one flight path available for each faction of Alliance and Horde. If you are a Horde character, you can visit the flight master at “Warsong Camp”. If you are an Alliance character, you can find your flight master at “Valiance Landing Camp”.


If you are level seventy one to seventy four, you may find yourself in Dragonblight participating in the Raid of Naxxramas, or Chamber of the Aspects. Then again, you may be over there battling in the Dungeons of Ahn’kahet or Azjol-Nerub. Whatever the case may be, it will be important to know and understand where the flight points are in this area. If you are looking for a “Neutral” area, you can get a flight at either “Wyrmrest Temple” or “Moa’ki Harbor”. If your faction is Alliance, then you can get your flight point at one of the following three locations: “Wintergarde Keep”, “Fordragon Hold”, or “Stars’ Rest”. If your faction is the Horde, then you can choose from one of the following three: “Venomspite”, “Agmar’s Hammer”, or “Kor’kron Vanguard”.

Grizzly Hills

If you are level seventy three to seventy five, and are interested in having a little fun in the Dungeon called “Drak’Tharon Keep”, you will find that there are two flight areas available for each faction. In the Horde, you can choose from “Camp Oneqwah” or “Conquest Hold”. If you are playing with the Alliance faction, your points for flight are either “Westfall Brigade Encampment” or “Amberpine Lodge”.

Howling Fjord

Levels sixty eight to seventy two may find themselves in the area of Howling Fjord for a little fun and entertainment. Here, you can hang out and get a little action in the Dungeons of “Utgarde Keep” and “Utgarde Pinnacle”. There are four different flight paths available for the Horde faction, and these are: “Vengeance Landing”, “Camp Winterhoof”, “Apothecary Camp”, and “New Agamand”. If you are an Alliance character, you will be able to find flight paths at “Valgarde”, “Westguard Keep” and “Fort Wildervar”. “Neutral” has a flight area too and it is called “Kamagua”.


If you are visiting Crystalsong, which is an area that is appropriate for levels seventy four to seventy six, there is one flight path for each faction, and one for the “Neutral”. The “Neutral” path is “Dalaran”. Alliance is “Windrunner’s Overlook”, and the Horde is “Sunreaver’s Command”.


This is a relatively neutral area in Northrend that will be available to individuals who participate in Wrath of the Lich King. Levels seventy four to seventy seven will frequent this area. The most common activity in this area will be the “Gundrak” Dungeon. There are only five flight points and they are all considered to be “Neutral”. These include:

o “Ebon Watch”
o “Gundrak”
o “Light’s Breach”
o “Zim’Torga”
o “The Argent Stand”

Sholazar Basin

In the west of Northrend, you may stumble upon the Sholazar Basin which is appropriate for characters that are level seventy five to seventy eight. This, too, is a “Neutral” area and the flight points are:

o “River’s Heart”
o “Nesingwary Base Camp”


If you are level seventy seven to eighty, you may visit Icecrown. If you are interested in obtaining flight points, they are considered to be “Neutral” and are as follows:

o “Death’s Rise”
o “The Argent Vanguard”
o “The Shadow Vault”
o “Crusaders’ Pinnacle”

Storm Peaks

Now, if you are a level seventy six to eighty, you may stroll up to the Dungeons of “Halls of Lightning” or “Halls of Stone” in the area of Storm Peaks. The flight points for this particular area for the Alliance are “Frosthold”, and “Brann’s Base-Camp”. For the Horde, you will be able to get flights at “Camp Tunka’lo” and “Grom’arsh Crash-Site”. If you are looking for “Neutral” flight points, then you will need to visit one of the following: “K3”, “Ulduar”, or “Bouldercrag’s Refuge”.

It is important to take note of these flight points in Northrend as part of Wrath of the Lich King in World of Warcraft so that you can maneuver from one area to the next with ease.