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MonaVie Marketing Complaints – Why Most People Fail at MonaVie!

MonaVie Marketing Complaints – Why Most People Fail at MonaVie!

MonaVie is a network marketing company introduced in the US in January of 2005. They primarily market a juice made with the acai berry which is designed to provide the user with a potent source of antioxidants and phytonutrients. This drink has sold well in a number of different countries and has many loyal customers. The MonaVie marketing plan is a network marketing (Multi-level marketing) format where consultants are paid not only from the sales they generate but also from the sales generated by the downlines that they have recruited. Although there is nothing illegal or wrong with this marketing model, it does tend to generate a fair number of complaints.

The biggest complaint from MonaVie business builders, and network marketers in general, is the extreme difficulty of building a business with this form of marketing. Distributors must actively recruit new prospects on a continual basis in order to develop any sort of substantial residual income. Since the attrition rate is high (industry standards indicate around 97%), one must recruit at a steady pace to keep up with the fallout. However, the problem really isn’t with the distribution method itself, rather, it is a result of individuals signing up to be network marketers, without having any background, experience, or training in actual marketing.

Let’s face facts here… if you started ANY business with little or no experience and a complete lack of training, how long would it take for you to fail. And in that case, would it be any surprise if the failure rate was 97%? No one would be surprised to see this happen in traditional business if you were going in “blind”. Yet, that’s what most (hmm… like maybe 97%) of all network marketers do. Marketing MonaVie is no exception. Although they have a good product, inexperienced marketers will usually fail.

So, what should one do who wants to successfully build a MonaVie marketing business? The first item on the list needs to be marketing training. This most often goes far beyond what someone’s upline sponsor might be teaching them. Here’s the problem… traditional network marketers in any company attempt to build their business by marketing to their friends and family. They really have no idea how to reach those outside of their sphere of influence other than to talk to the person in line with them at the grocery store or bank or gym. This method may work for some, but overall it works for very few. The bottom line is that if you want to become a proficient MonaVie marketer, then you need to learn some very basic marketing skills. These would include learning about article writing, press releases, blogs, videos, pay-per-click ads, banner ads, social media, and more.

Let’s face it, you can not expect to obtain fantastic results without making a fantastic effort. Whether you are marketing MonaVie or any other product or service, this is going to mean learning something new, getting good information from good sources, and applying what you learn consistently over a period of time. This is what builds solid businesses in any industry.