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Materials for English Writing

Materials for English Writing

Once you think you need to pick up a pen to write something down, you have to consider collecting some English writing materials which can help you compose a very nice passage. Unlikely it is impossible for you to gather all the materials at once. Instead you should do it through your constant accumulation.

As for the practical and useful materials, what you have to gain at first is English vocabulary. You don’t need to raise your eyebrows, wondering why people always stress learning English words. Now I can tell you that this part is but the fundamental material for you to write your ideas. This time I don’t need to say, “You should try to remember as many words as you can.” Even I keep silent, you should do your best to recite the words for your writing. You can also use Rosetta Stone English to learn new words, but you need to focus on the words about English writing. When you write a passage, you need to emphasize the words which can depict people’s emotions and daily life more than any other kind, for you must use such words more often than not in your future writing. Then you can expand your vocabulary border to other areas like news, magazines, internet and so on.

You don’t understand why you should learn so much this time either. In my point of view, the more you learn about the English vocabulary, the more excellent you will be good at understanding this language, which is another motive to compose your own enchanting articles. But vocabulary is not the only thing you have to keep an eye on. You need to learn English grammar. At least, your grammar shouldn’t be too poor for you to compose complete sentences. Furthermore, with grammar, you will be able to understand others’ passages and ideas more easily. Writing largely differs from spoken English. In the spoken English, you don’t need to ornament this or decorate that. What you do is just to speak what you really think about. In writing, you need to use different kinds of ways to express your meanings so that your meanings will be really understood by so many readers. This is the second material you have to capture.

But what else you need to notice now? No doubt, you have to read other authors’ books and practice all the things you have learned. Reading by all means can help you understand others’ views even thoughts, and it can also help you amass more English words for writing. Your view towards the world is always small. But if you penetrate into others’ thoughts, your world will become larger and larger. Needless to say, your writing skills will get improved at the same time. In fact, when you have read other authors’ books, you will have more wonderful imagination yourself. Imagination is very important for a qualified writer. So your writing will be improved in this aspect as well. After this part, you should begin composing your personal works, which are not so appreciable in the beginning, but will become excellent in the end after your consistent efforts.

Honestly, there are some other kinds of materials you should notice as well apart from all the three things I have displayed to you. But writing is a suffering journey. If you want to go on constantly, you have to be well-prepared.