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Love – The Binding Force

Love – The Binding Force

All human beings are product of love. The first process of your beginning- the conception is a bye product of love. Two people loved each other and then two cells completely mingled with each other, rather lost their individuality to become one. This oneness is only possible through love. Love is the essence of life. Nothing is possible in this world without love.

Once born, your first love is your mother. She has given you all she had in the form of life surviving energy- the milk. As a child, you felt comfortable clinging to the chest of your mother that was full of warmth of love. Love present within the womb, even, plays a vital role in development of child’s personality. That is why; doctor’s advice to carrying mothers is to remain happy, full of love.

You go to school and further up the journey of life. Your happiest moments are when you are in love. Love may not be confused with liking. Liking is outwardly while love is inwardly. Liking is superficial, like make up that can be washed away, but love is embedded deep. Love has no expectations, if it is true. A true lover wishes good for you. Try to see the moments, which filled you with a kind of ecstasy, kind of bliss, happiness, were not because of your material gains, but somewhere deep within it was your sense of loving. You loved those moments; you were lost in those moments. Your ego had disappeared. You were not wanting but were giving. But when you like, you want to get. You want to achieve. Your ego is inflated.

To love is to love god, to thank him for all he has given and this kind of love becomes worship. All your prayers may be useless, as those have been borrowed from others. Your love for the creator’s creations comes from you. It is yours and it becomes your own prayer, your own way of thanksgiving. That is the basic nature given to you by the God.

At the end of the journey of life, people carry you on their shoulders, may be with cloudy eyes and a wetness filled with love. Your parting might be painful for them. The love leaves some tears in their eyes. Thus, the whole life, if minutely seen, revolves around love.

It is now proved scientifically too, that you are born with certain genes of your parents. These decide about many of your characteristics, behavioral pattern and finer points of your personality. These are called genetic characters or genetic personality.

During the course of journey of your life, you meet, interact and know many people and acquire many new traits and characters that develop and determine your personality. You may copy certain attributes of the people you come into contact with. People around you shape your ideas, your way of life and affect many of your original attributes. This environment around you plays a very important role. It has been seen many a times that a child born of a good parentage gets spoiled if allowed to grow in bad company. Company you keep determines your acquired personality.

Both the genetic and acquired characteristics go hand in glove. Here too, love or hate determine your being. Now, try to look at hate; it is another side of the same coin. If you love a person or a thing today, and you hate the same other day, it is not love. You love your wife or husband, but at times, when the wavelength crosses, you hate, the same person. Love and hate walk together, like day and light. As the length of light decides the duration of a day, and its absence allows night to settle in.

So is the case of your happiness and sorrows. Allow the light of real love; you will be filled with brightness. You will remain cheerful. You will be filled with an energy- positive energy that will make you happier. And if you settle for hate- negative energy, you will find your self in gloom, darkness and miseries. If you are filled with love, the day will be longer.

The love I am talking here is not the kind you are never tired of saying, “I love you”. While you exactly mean, ” I like you.” If these are only words coming out of your brain in anticipation of some desire to be fulfilled and these don’t come from your heart, your consciousness, your personality, this word- love, remains a noun.

Use Love as a Verb

Love is better expressed in the form of a verb. Loving is better than love, like singing is better than a song. Song is a pool of words, while singing becomes soul of the song. Similarly, loving becomes essence of love. It is an action and you are involved in it. You become a part of the process. Then it starts radiating from your personality, it starts reflecting through your eyes, your gestures, your body, your aura. Now it becomes a natural offshoot, a natural flow. It has a meaning that is loving. In verb form, you are involved, you are using your energy, and you love. It does not remain merely an expression; rather it becomes an action and only actions leave impressions. If you love, then it becomes your nature. Then it is you, yes, you become an action. Since you are a product of love and the meaning of your being here is to love, you justify your being. You become God or godly, you may say either way.

But for God’s sake, do not minimize your identity by discriminating. Discrimination is good in liking, not loving. Once it dawns that every one is good and lovable, you love everything, every creation. You love flowers, plants, river and the sea. Love as a whole and not in parts. If it is done in parts, it is simply not complete and will not have any meaning. It has to be like a river, ever flowing, and non-discriminately- taking all that comes in its strides. If a big stone comes, it takes a slight turn and flows. Smaller events start flowing with the river. It does not stop till it reaches its destination. You are also here to love all- the people, the animals, plants, flowers, the river, the sea- whole of the universe, in its wholeness. Love becomes a holistic approach of life.

Love is blind, is an old saying. Real love is really blind. It does not see. It does not see any negative part in lover because a lover is aware of own faults too. The love only sees positively. If you love with complete acceptance, it is love. And if your love is true, it cannot be discriminatory, love is synthesizing energy, it unites, binds, mixes like water and is always holistic. That is how you were born. Whenever you love and are ready to let go your identity, willing to drop your ego, you are epitome of love; rather you become love- you become a source of productive energy.

Discrimination is analyzing energy. It breaks into pieces. In India, scriptures mentioned that each living being is a synthesis of five basic elements; earth, air, water, fire and space. The body is made of these five components and after the death, body constituents go back to original components, merge in the universe, mingle with is sources.

Scientists tell us that roughly 70-80 percent of body mass is water. The air and space takes up another ten percent part. Rest is a mass composed of earthy materials. It defines that basic nature of man is liquid, flowing, loving, non- resisting, like a river. The major constituent should be the governing factor, the ruling factor.

Take a glass of water; pour the water into a vessel of different shape. Water will very easily take the shape of new vessel. It will not resist. It is because water has a flow, it is ready to mix. It knows that it has no identity of its own. So is the life. But once the water in the glass is frozen; it solidifies, turns into ice. Now if you put it into another vessel, it will retain it hard shape. It will not accept new vessels shape. Because there is no flow now, it has hardened. An ego has crept in and it has become a man now. It does not want to change.

I, your ego that you acquire with the education system and society has frozen you, today. You have become ice, hard, solid without any flow. You only float in a sea but you are not part of the sea. Solidification brings hardness, a shape you cling to. It restricts you from mingling. Water mixes up easily you do not mix up. You remain aloof, though may be you are living in a crowd, called society. You do not flow, lest you loose your identity. But one day you are going to lose your identity.

Maintaining and keeping your identity has brought you in the fix. You are water basically, you want to flow, you want to mix up, and that is your basic nature. Basically and naturally you are born to love, flow. The importance of love, the warmth of love can still melt the icebergs in you. You get hardened since love is missing. Love is missing in your life because you do not love. It is very simple. Love is the binding energy; energy of flow and life should flow.

If you minutely study the composition of the body, all five natural components are singularly opposite in nature. Is fire and water compatible? Earth and space are diametrically opposite. Air and fire have nothing in common. But, when all these components are joined with energy, energy where one is ready to lose oneself, energy of love, energy of creation, you are born. Your creation is a natural phenomena.

Natural product of love is a child, a lovely creation, and an adorable possession. He smiles at least three hundred times a day. He stares at moon and stars, they twinkle in his eyes. He plays with the dog; he is not scared of the dog. Child put his hand in dog’s mouth yet dog does not bite him. Have you noticed, why? Dog knows about the love of the child. An animal understands that this person is harmless, implying that he is loving the dog. If you love, you cannot harm any one. That is the basic rule, fundamental principle. Should we say that a dog has better understanding than a man?

Learn it from a child

Be child like. Be natural. Play with children, with nature. You have forgotten to live naturally. Your un-natural ways have led to your present miseries. When was it last when you sat under a tree? Smelled a rose, keeping it within your palms? How many times a week you play with your own children? Or you just rebuff them? You do not have time. You have grown and become un-natural. With you growing in years, your capacity to love must have also grown. Rather it has diminished. Now you complain about evaporation of love.

You are never tired of talking about songs of olden, golden days. You always cry about those days that have gone. You want to live for hours and years in Memory Park, but do not stay in a natural park or garden near your home, even for few minutes. You might be going there for a walk, but do not look around the beauty as spread by the creator. You fondly remember your childhood days. Probably, love was present in you, in some form or the other that has vanished now? Since you have stopped loving, you do not see love around. You think the world has changed, but it is you who have changed.

Your education system is faulty. System is trying to make a child competitive, right from day one. But life is not a competition. Life is not a race. Unfortunately, your entire running is causing diminishing effect on your basic nature, your nature to love. Life is a flow. You build dams of ego, greed, desires, hate and what not. This all stops the natural spring of love in you. The basic nature of man, the love got retarded in the journey of marching ahead of neighbor. And you forget that you are to live with the same neighbor, same people; you want to march ahead of. You feel anguished and then try to fix up somewhere else.

A poet has written beautiful lines going like this, ” Let the tiny hands of a child touch the stars and the sky, because after reading a few books they will also be like you.” Fortunately, they will be adult. They will also grow like you, tall. But a tree without shadow remains only ornamental. It may look beautiful, but of little use.

Let us not crucify the dreams of our childhood. Play sometime with small children and watch the flow of energy, the loving energy, that will take you to the seventh heaven. Be like a child. Fighting with buddies, but forgetting the next moment, is the most cherished value of all of us. Children do not carry any load, while your shoulders have stooped due the burden of small words spoken years back. Those words still disturb your state of mind. Is it not amazing?

All the tensions, miseries and unhappiness are result of your becoming unnatural. Your nature is to love, to synthesize, to flow, and to fly. Let the life flow because you don’t know the moment of its end.

Let the love be the life, not the medium of life. Love should surround your being. It should radiate from your personality. You want to belittle the never-ending source, the origin, by drawing out of it in small vessels, mostly handful, by begging for love, by anticipating for love. And sometimes you ask for it. ” Do you love me “, how many times have you said this? It is abundant, like vast sea, unending reservoir. You are wandering for palm full. Remember, water does not stay in palm. It will slip. Do not try to hold love. You are made to be a sea of love. Be like water, and you all know that if stored in small ponds, it become dirty with the time. It starts giving foul smell. Flowing river water does not get dirty, rather cleanses all impurities, all the dirt, the way, the shores and fills the thirsty life.

You are also thirsty of love. You search for it. You ask for it. It is not merchandise. You can buy or get in bargain. You cannot dream of it too. It is simply available, spread through out. The only need is that you be here. You be love. Once you become an embodiment of love, accumulation will disappear. Your thirst will disappear. You will look blissful always. You will start swimming in the sea of love. You will love your wife, your child, and your pet with the same intensity, once it dawns on you that life has no separate meaning other than love.