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Legit or Fake? Are Rakeback Earnings Genuine

Legit or Fake? Are Rakeback Earnings Genuine

Online poker’s best facet lies in the inception of rakeback. The neat little incentive provides users the chance to earn refunds at the end of each month. But a question in the back of a poker player’s mind is: Is rakeback enough to sustain myself? Believe or not, the answer is yes. Some seasoned professionals make a living solely through stockpiling on rakeback alone. The strategy is to play a high number of games for minimal return, with the focus being slotting in a as many number of hours as possible.
Secret to maximising rakeback
Selecting the right platform is the first stepping stone. As you may already know, there are dozens of online rooms that offers bonuses like Loyalty or VIP programs to its users. Otherwise, you could simply select a website that hosts rakeback offers online. The latter is more suitable. The next thing you need to do is finalizing the right routine. In order to make enough through rakeback you need to drastically boost the number of hands you play.
However, it is equally important to understand that this routine may become tiring after a while. After the initial thrill dies off, playing poker regularly can become tedious, particularly for someone who relies solely on rakeback. There will be moments when you need to play but don’t have the spark. Burn-out is something that is all too common in the field.
Since the money flow is inconsistent, you need to play regardless of your mood to meet your day’s requirement and get paid. It is important to realise that maintaining the lifestyle is challenging.
Guidelines and Tips:
-Maintain a routine
-Eliminate distractions
-Keep studying poker
-Maintain balance in your life
-Practice Multi-tabling

For more details on Rakeback please refer the below section:

If you’re a regular at the virtual felt then chances are you’ve come across these titular terms more than once. Playing for real money on the internet - be it cash games, tournaments or any other format, implies that you are paying a small portion of said money as rake. But what exactly is rake? In games, rake is an amount of money the house or poker room takes on top of the buy-in amount. Rake is used to cover the operational expenses of the room.

For example: If a tournament has ₹500+50 buy-in, the rake that is taken is Rs.50. Whereas, in cash games the rake is the amount taken from each pot that goes beyond the flop.

If you think about it this amount may not seem all that big, and you may even feel that they don’t impact your results greatly. However, even if you are playing poker just to pass time, wouldn’t it be nice to earn back some of the rake?