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Ideas of a Business Minded Person Working For Free Traffic and Money

Ideas of a Business Minded Person Working For Free Traffic and Money

Sharing Ideas.

My ideas.
Hello my name is Amanda and I am going to share with you my ideas on how I plan to get my business off the ground.

First off I will continue to write articles just as I am doing now:) lol – okay seriously now I will start my article, had to sneak in a chuckle.

In all seriousness I do believe by following these instructions you should see your incoming visitors increase dramatically. If you have a business website like mine “legitimate home based business” you will love this highly targeted visitors coming into view your website. If you have a business like mine you get these visitors that are like minded business men or women even people who know nothing of online marketing coming to take action on your offers.

My one and only rule is, PLEASE if you are going to use my advise PLEASE! DO not use my instructions to rip folks off. Think like a business man or woman and think about the long term gain you can earn V.s. the short term rip off gains. Have integrity, be truthful I am telling you your quality of people who take action in your business will be GREAT! Yes I said quality… not quantity.

Step 1. -Articles-

Writing articles that are keyword rich. When writing an article you need to choose one keyword you are going to shoot for. Lets say “work from home” most people will not choose this keyword because it has heavy heavy competition. So lets choose “best home business of 2010” bit longer of a keyword which means a bit less competition, less competition equals more hits to your article which equals more hits to your website.

Here is an example of a keyword rich article.

(Note: do not leave quotes where your keywords are, lol)

– “Best home business of 2010”
I started searching the internet for the “Best home business of 2010” during my search I ran across a ton of home businesses that claimed to be the best, but never the “best home business of 2010” so I kept searching.

During my search I found the “best home business of 2010” it was a gem amongst the junk! By far it was the “Best home business of 2010” I will share my findings.. Finally The “Best home business of 2010”!-

That little bit contains the keyword “best home business of 2010” 6x now imagine a full length article. This method can be very effective when used properly.. The example above is not the best example.. You get the idea.

Do not forget to ad the keyword into the “TAG” words as well.

Step 2. -Press releases-

Writing press releases can be very effective as well. I have written several press releases, even I make mistakes:) I made the mistake of trying to sell people on joining my business, instead of offering them information on how to go about even making money from an online business.. once I started helping people they started to see I was not just another butt head trying to take their hard earned money.

Okay so when you write a press release it is the same idea as writing an article however there is some differences. Such as placing links in any position of the body. Press releases are great ways to get the news out about updates you have done to your website. I usually write two press releases to every one article I write. For the simple fact I take time to write my articles and up hold a higher standard for writing articles.

Never the less still a very effective way of driving free traffic to your website.

Step 3. – Classified ad sites and forums.

Now this is important.. we want to focus our time and effort to “ONLY High traffic areas” to do so is very simple.

Go to Google.com and type in “internet classifieds” Now post ads in the top three websites. Do this for both classifieds as well as for the forums. Type “free ad forums” in Google.com search and pick the top three.

Place ads, now when I say ads.. I DO NOT MEAN SPAM!! do not post ads to material I will not mention in this article.. you know what it is and that is all I have to say. Also SPAM is posting the same ad several times.. Same as the forums.

Step 4. – ALWAYS ADD new content

Always add a little something new to your website ever three – four days should do it. The search engine spiders love new fresh content.. especially “KEYWORD DENSE! CONTENT!” Like I was talking about above. Fresh keyword dense content will reach you higher rankings for the keywords of your choice.

Long tail keywords are like gold.. Most people fail to see how much free traffic you can trickle in from several sources of these long tail keywords.. Imagine 100 keywords trickling in 1 visitor a day a piece, that will be huge monthly!

Never judge a book by its cover! I have found the best “legitimate home based business” ever, the site I signed up to it from was not the best to say the most and yet it delivered a business that is unbelievable. I got ripped off several times from professional looking websites.

Now days I judge what I am going to sign up to by the integrity of the person who is getting me to join their program. If they are straight forward with me and do not try to sell my on hype then I consider looking.

Well I am going to end this article with a Thank you and Good night:)
Thanks for reading!