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How to Get More Internet Traffic in a Complicated Cyber World

How to Get More Internet Traffic in a Complicated Cyber World

How to Get More Internet Traffic When the Competition is Staggering…

Internet Marketing Secret #1: Keyword Research

Whether you’re trying to rank your article online or your personal blog, knowing “how to get more internet traffic” has to do with the correct keyword research. When you’re blogging, you need to enter in the “tag” when you create your blog. These tags are actually your keyword phrases that you put in your article. You can do this research absolutely free with the Google site: “adwords.google.com”. Simply use the keyword tool function on that site. If you don’t have a Google account, just register and set one up for free. When you enter in the phrase you’re interested in, the site will tell you how many searches per month are entered in Google for that keyword phrase. It will also tell you if there is low, medium or high competition. When you’re first starting out, pick a long tail keyword phrase (several words) with low competition and about 100-1000 searches. Once you get your phrase, you’ll want to make sure it appears in your title, your first sentence, the final sentence, and additionally throughout the content. This sometimes can be tricky as you don’t want the content to sound redundant or stupid.

Internet Marketing Secret #2: Use a highly trafficked blog site.

My own personal blog has an Alexa ranking of over two million. “Alexa” refers to how popular it is on Google, so over two million means that out of millions, I’m among the “top 2 million” of searched for sites (whop-de-do, LOL). If that was the only place I put my content, it would never been seen. However, I make sure that my personal blog is linked to another highly trafficked blog with an Alexa score of close to 1000. When you link the two together, it will give a double whammy to both sites, which raises the personal blog to rank higher on Google. You’ll want to blog daily with different key word phrases so you can get your blog ranking in several niches.

How to Get More Internet Traffic With The Right Tools…

Internet Marketing Secret #3: Create Backlinks with Article Marketing Tools.

The technique mentioned above will already give you backlinks, but you’ll need lots and lots of backlinks to get your content to rank. Backlinks means that there’s another site that views your content as being so great that it wants to link to it. As an analogy, think of the geek in high school that nobody likes until he’s dating the head cheerleader. Suddenly, all eyes are on him! The internet is the same way… Google ranks on relevancy and popularity. The keyword phrase is making the content relevant; the backlinks make it popular. You’ll want check out my internet marketing secret tools that I use when you access the links below.

How to Get More Internet Traffic by Being Popular with the Use of Social Syndication…

Internet Marketing Secret #4: Social Syndication

Knowing how to get more internet traffic with the use of social syndication takes a little practice, but it’s relatively cheap. You can actually create an onlywire account (onlywire.com). Register with all the social networking sites for free, and then post your content through Onlywire. Once you get to where you’re posting a lot, they’ll start charging you, but it’s only around $10 a month. Of course, the more interesting your content is, the more likely people will “like” it and share with their friends. A lot of people like to use TribePro, which is a system you can pay for that will get people to send you backlinks on your content automatically. But even with that system, you need to make initial contact with each individual and get them to read your material and “like” it enough to agree to add you to their automatic syndication. Social syndication on the web is like votes, the more “likes” you get on your content, the more popular you will appear Google, and the higher Google will rank you.