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How to Flirt Like a Champ

How to Flirt Like a Champ

Do you wish you really knew how to flirt better? Are you tired of being ignored by a guy when you try to get his attention? Do you think your flirting techniques need a major overhaul? It’s too bad that they don’t provide flirting lessons in school, because it’s an important life lesson for anyone to have. You may not have the opportunity to take formal lessons, but there is practical advice you can take that will teach you how to flirt like a real champ. The secret is using every tool your body has available to you (while staying fully clothed!). Try these for starters:

Use your eyes.

The quickest way to grab someone’s attention is through eye contact. Don’t just stare at a guy, though-that can look a bit spooky! Instead, start with a brief, sidelong glance. As soon as he sees you, hold it, then look quickly away. Do this a couple of times, then look at him longer and hold his gaze. You want your look to be interested, slightly amused, and a tiny bit mysterious. He will wonder what you’re up to, and start focusing. On you. If you could take lessons on how to flirt, the first thing they would teach you is how to catch a guy’s eye with yours.

Use your hands.

Flirtation isn’t physical assault. But you can use the sense of touch to really get his attention. When you engage a man in conversation, use your fingertips to gently brush his shoulder or forearm or hand, when you are making a conversational point or laughing at something he says. Keep your touch light, subtle, and above the waist. Again, you’re conveying interest, but not being vulgar. The second lesson on how to flirt: use a light touch.

Use your voice.

Nothing can be a greater turn-on – or a worse turn-off, than your voice. Use it like an instrument to make him listen. Talk softly, so he will lean in to hear – it makes your conversation feel more intimate. Speak in low tones; you want to sound like a woman, not a cartoon character – no squeaking! Don’t make a caricature of your voice – stay away from breathless Marilyn Monroe impressions, but sounding sensuous will really grab his attention. Third lesson on how to flirt? Make him sit up and listen.

Use your smile.

One of the best tools in your flirting arsenal can be your smile. A smile can be broad, wistful, open, tight-lipped, lewd, happy – you name it. You’re striving for a smile that says you’re entertained and thinking of something delicious. Practice in front of a mirror if you need to. The fourth lesson on how to flirt is critical: always leave him smiling.

Now that you have some specific techniques to try out, start by practicing them at home. If you have a friend you can enlist, you can even role-play your flirting behavior. Once you feel comfortable with your expressions and your moves, try them out at the next party you attend. You’ll know you’ve learned how to flirt like a champ when you see all the attention you get.