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How to Create a Personalized PUA Routine Stack

How to Create a Personalized PUA Routine Stack

Greetings fellow Pickup and Social Artists.

I am going to be answering the above questions and helping your prepare for the festive season. After all everyone out to celebrate and no one to play with – we can’t have that now can we!

At bootcamps we continually get asked the same questions – one being – “Which are the best Routines?” Mystery would say “with great delivery and good Vibe you can say anything” and I 100% agree. Of course you have to get great delivery and have had enough experience with the Flame and Ghost Vibe to pull that off. But if you are starting out or want to get back to basics, what should you use?

Just looking on my mind-map right now, I presently have 158 polished routines. Do I use them all – NO! – I simply used the routines as an objective for polishing my delivery and if truth be told, while I was new to the game, to help me focus on the delivery of the Gambit and not the responses I was getting from women (yep, they weren’t always great lol).

So let me help you cut a lot of crap and bad advice out the way so you can start to experience some rewards and begin enjoying this wonderful ‘Game’ of Social Interaction (no you can’t ask Father Christmas to deliver it on the Dec 25th either)!

Back to that question; “Which are the best Routines?”

Put it like this, let’s say you want to start bodybuilding and grow your size and muscles and you were to bump into Ol Arny (Arnold Schwarzeneggar) while visiting California, you wouldn’t be able to resist would you – “Hey Arny, what routine are you using to look as good as you do?” – His response might be… “Split training 5 x per week, 2 jogs and 3x 1 hour Cardio machine, combined with Cabbage diet, low carbs and lean meats” – He might not bother to mention monthly visits to the Surgeon for botox boosters, but hey, you got good advice right! WRONG!!!!! – what you got was – What is working for him now! Remember you are starting out, so you should be asking… yep you got it… ” What did you use to GET STARTED?”… NOT “what is a good microcalibrated Opener, or when should I DLV in Qualifying? instead ask… “Dude, what Routines did you use to get you started and get some results?”.

So right now, I’m going to show you some examples of mini stacks many Master PUAs have used to get themselves going. We us mini Stack Cards with an example on the front and place for you to write your own on the back – for now you can just write this down on a scrap of paper or even in a text to yourself (great to pull out mid conversation [disinterest] check, have a laugh and return to the conversation)

Basic Starting Stack, Example 1


“Hey Guys, How long should you wait before changing your Facebook status to Single”

False Time Constraint

“I can only stay a moment”

Neg (target)

“Does she have an Off Button? (role eyes and smile)

Observation (A2)**

(look like you are about to walk off and then notice something)

“Wow, you guys have been friends for a while right! – [Girl Coding Routine]


That’s it – just to get you talking – don’t forget a fun playful vibe and attitude, if you then have to exit simply say: “OK Guys, that’s all you get, I so can’t be rude to my friends” Smile and Exit.

Basic Starting Stack, Example 2


“Breast Enlargements, Yes or No?”

False Time Constraint

“Hey, real quick as my friends and I are celebrating [open loop]”

Opener(A1) continued.

“Would you tell your good buddy that his girlfriend was planning to have her breasts done for his birthday (pause) if you knew he wouldn’t like it?”

Neg (target)

“OMG, ADD Girl (role eyes and smile) annnnd back to me”

Opener(A1) story part.

“The thing is, her twin sister just had hers done – do you think she’s really doing it because of her or for him?… I mean, would a girl really go under the knife just to be competitive with another girl”

[this is an example of a phased opinion opener that drips intrigue with each phase – you have to have a friendly vibe to pull this one off – all in the delivery]

Challenge (A2)**

(look like you are about to walk off and then notice something)

“You know you look like you could be a good liar – lets find out!” – [Lying Game/5 Questions]


“Gotta rejoin my friends, Pleasure meeting you – come by and say Hi later!” Smile and Exit

So there you have it guys, 2 simple Stack systems to get you moving. In the next article I will be sharing with you an intermediary stack, including use of DHVs and Qualifiers.

As always Gentlemen, it’s been a pleasure sharing with you. Have a great weekend.

**Note: although A2, the observations, challenges, humour stories, keep you in the set and demonstrate your Value as an interesting guy, they are merely ‘Buying Temperature’ and NOT core DHVs – Demonstrations of HIGHER Value (of an Evolutionary nature that flip unconscious, psychological attractions switches (covered in other articles).