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How One DC Business is Growing Their Top Line in Today’s Economy

How One DC Business is Growing Their Top Line in Today’s Economy

As debates continue about whether we are nearing the end of our recession woes or still in the middle of the fallout, one DC retailer has positioned itself for growth that can weather the economic climate either way.

Like many other small businesses, furniture retailer and design firm Vastu has been faced with the challenge of maintaining business performance. Well, Vastu has launched a new addition to their current business model that they believe will not only help them maintain, but grow business in today’s economy.

Co-owners of the District furniture store, Eric Kole and Jason Claire, have always discussed expanding into new markets – especially New York City. A growing number of inbound inquiries from NYC residents regarding products and services showed signs that there was indeed an opportunity. When news about the state of the economy went from bad to worse, Kole and Claire knew it would be difficult to grow their top line, but the desire to expand was still there. After much thought and careful consideration, they made the decision to enter into the New York City interior design market. Their strategy? No, not a bricks and mortar investment… They decided to add a New York-based member to their design team, and the choice of Krissy Stecyk was an easy one. Krissy actually began her interior design career at Vastu in 2005 where she designed the interiors of everything from suburban homes to open plan lofts. A year later Stecyk returned to her roots in the Northeast to pursue a degree at the New York School of Interior Design. She graduated from the Interior Design program in 2008 with high honors and innumerable new skills, talents and resources within the industry.

With this new plan in place, Vastu’s was not only able to enter a new market with very little overhead, Stecyk has an advantage over other designers in her area. Most designers have to source furniture from a number of different places to satisfy their clients’ needs. Though she is physically miles away from Vastu, Stecyk is backed by the retailer, meaning she only has to go to one source for all of her home furnishings needs. Vastu works with over 200 hundred vendors and artisans, so no matter what a customer’s design needs are she’s able to fulfill them.

As a small, nimble organization, Vastu owners were able to quickly make changes to their overall business model and marketing strategies. And, while Krissy may conduct business slightly different than the DC-based team that works out of the retail environment everyday, some very important things are the same whether you’re working with the DC or NYC interior design team. Vastu Design Services offers extensive experience in creating beautiful living environments. From finding the perfect chair for a particular room to developing a fresh aesthetic for an entire home, their design team works with clients from start to finish ensuring quality, convenience, and complete customer satisfaction.