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Grand Slam Tennis 11 Video Game With PlayStation Move

Grand Slam Tennis 11 Video Game With PlayStation Move

The new Grand Slam Tennis 11 video game is developed specifically for the Wii and it delivers the sincere and real tennis experience to the users. It is equipped with new Sony PlayStation 3 Move technologies to support up to four players both online and offline while utilizing the new accessory Motion Plus Wii Remote; packed with real life tennis strokes, this unique video game allows anyone to quickly pick up the tennis racket and use every shot type and inch of the court with a serious fun for both casual and serious tennis players.

This game at its highest level, offers a tremendous success in professional tennis to the users with a real tennis experience and unlimited fun. The Glad Slam tennis 11 Video games are the biggest and most important game for video gamers with an exclusive experience of a real tennis game. Games also include the Australian Open, the French Open, the Wimbledon championships in London and also the U.S. Open at the New York City’s Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. With new PlayStation Move technology, the players step onto center court at each tournament and experience a realistic Grand Slam inside the stadiums with real scoreboards, cheering crowd a differing playing surfaces as well.

The Grand Slam tennis 11 video game include some of the elite group of tennis players of grand slam history and present. Grand Slam Tennis with PS3 Move features almost 23 famous players, including 9 retired legends of tennis history including Pete Sampras and Martina Navratilova along with 14 new top players. These famous characters play real tennis game against the opponent players in this video game with new PS move technology. Not only a fun filled real tennis game, but also a competition against the legends, is experienced through this video game Grand Slam Tennis 11. While the user enjoys the game, he also improves his tennis knowledge at the same time.

Again, this Grand Slam Tennis video game is one of those first games, similar in temperament and works well with Nintendo’s new Wii Motion Plus accessory for the Wii Remote. Along with the Wii Remote’s existing motion control technology, Motion Plus further enhances the player’s experience by adding shot depth and also defining the ball placement on the court. Even the players can experience the real racket rotation and spin their stick just as in real game; the game gives options to the user to choose strategically while picking the opponents apart from the baseline, and also aggressively attacking the net using both serve and volley techniques while playing tennis.

With the free PlayStation Move technology in this game, the users get the ultimate feel of an actual tennis play along with swinging of even forehands and backhands. They can hit a variety of shots including the top spin, slice, flat, lobs and drop shots. This is the only video game with a license to feature Wimbledon and all other famous grand slam tournaments. All the users can play four different grand slams and get an experience at an authentic stadium with real ground and encouraging crowd.