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Functional Training For Sports

Functional Training For Sports

Prehabilitation and preconditioning are two words used to describe the movement of functional sport training. More common in Europe, it has recently been embraced by North American professionals, coaches and fitness instructors. It is perceived as the means of obtaining the best results in whatever sport it is applied.

What functional training is

Functional training is a program method based on the simple principle that the best exercises for you are those you need to improve your sport. It is a regime of exercises working on the major and minor muscles used during your sport in a sport-specific manner. In functional sport theory, it is not enough to be fit. Fitness is relative to the sport you are training for. Functional fitness works the major muscle groups to promote ease of movement.

Recent research appears to support this approach. By focusing on specific sport-related exercises functional sport training demonstrates improvement in and advantages for its participants. In the case of running, for example, specific hip and knee actions are essential. Exercises developed to address potential problem and increase endurance has produced running economy and decreased injury from muscle strain. In training baseball pitchers, the functional approach is to work on extending external shoulder rotation during the off-season to prevent injury.

What does this mean for you?

This training is all functional. Functional sport training, to be successful, must have a purpose directly related to the sport for which it is designed. Weight training for strength may not enhance the endurance or strength required for a golfer. A golfer needs to work on core strength, and training involving swinging. A runner, on the other hand, should enhance local muscular endurance.

A functional approach can concentrate or include these two aspects: balance and core strength. Core muscle training helps you develop an athletic back, decreases your chance of injury, increases muscle power and agility and enhances your balance and posture. In golf, functional sport training would emphasize the motions the body uses to hit the ball. These coordinated actions involve a score of different muscles. They work together to ensure you make the right movement when you swing. If you work on developing strong, fit core muscles you can improve stability and endurance for such basic athletic requirements as walking, standing, reaching, twisting and swinging.

Keeping things in balance

A balanced functional sport training program will ensure all parts of the body required by your sport will be addressed. In some instances, balance and leg exercises to build and strengthen the lower spine are combined with body core exercises. Other workouts train the participants in ways to flex, rotate and extend the spine.

As you can see, functional sport training is a method intended to address specific requirements of the individual and his or her sport. It concentrates on only the exercises or methods that will help improve the person in relation to their sport. Being sport-specific, it is designed to help you improve in the sport of your choice.