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Exciting Water Sports in St Lucia Holidays

Exciting Water Sports in St Lucia Holidays

Famous for its breath-taking beauty of sparkling blue waters and golden beaches lined with palms, St-Lucia is the ideal destination for water-sports-lovers. The hotels and resorts are fully equipped with all the latest sports-equipments which are easily rented out to the visitors.

One cannot imagine the variety and diversity of water sports opportunities, here in St-Lucia. Ranging from sailing to wind-surfing to skiing to diving-the endless adventure in this timeless island leaves one craving for more thrill, fun and adventure.

Sailing in St Lucia
Yachting; banana-boat; mini-sailing; parasailing; pedal and kayaking are the main sailing activities in the surroundings of the large hotels and resorts in the various tourist centres such as Rodney Bay, Choc Bay and Marigot Bay.

The cruises in these crystal clear waters promise the most enchanting sight-seeing of the indigenous Dolphins and whales. With the sparkling Caribbean Sea on one side and the mysterious depths of Atlantic Ocean on the other, yachting here is a sailor’s most cherished dream. Yachts and sail boats can be chartered from the Rodney Bay marina and Marigot Bay to navigate in the West Indies through the pristine views of the Grenadine Islands.

Parasailing is a more daring activity; being hooked on the back of a boat. One can’t get a better and a complete picture of St Lucia’s beautiful landscape.

Wind surfing in St Lucia
Located ideally between Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, St-Lucia boosts of never-ending trade winds, wind surfing and kite surfing. Beginners will enjoy the wind power and thrill and excitement of being driven by the wind, more in the calmer waters of the Caribbean. For a more thrilling experience, CAS en Bax or Vieux Fort are ideal spots for wind and kite surfing. Trainers are available to help beginners, to start with and experts, to sharpen their skills.

Skiing in St Lucia
Jet skiing and water skiing are available at most of the hotels and resorts. Water skiing is a favourite with the beginners who wish to spend more time in the Caribbean Sea. Jet skiing is an unforgettable adventure of flying across the waves with the water splashing up in your face.

Diving in St Lucia
Enjoying the marine life in all its splendour and glory is not possible without having to dive in St-Lucia’s under water paradise. The island is located at the tip of an underwater volcano which nurtures a huge variety of Corals, Sponges and Reefs. Great care has been taken to preserve the marine life which is an irreplaceable asset of our Eco-system.

Diving schools and centres provide tuitions, trips, guides and equipments for Scuba-diving or Snorkelling. The prestigious Soufriere Marine Management Area on the west coast is responsible for the conservation of St Lucia’s coastal environments.

St Lucia is as mountainous below as it is above, hence, embracing Nature’s bounty in its lap. Scuba diving provides an opportunity to come face to face with the marine life breathing in St-Lucia’s womb. Angel fish, black beauties, golden spotted eels, seahorses, stingrays, nurse sharks, turtles and a variety of schooling fish are down there to welcome the divers to their colourful and mysterious world.