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Druid Mod – Finding the Right Ones

Druid Mod – Finding the Right Ones

Druids are challenging to play, given their changing stances and the frequent switching of gears. However, they are also extremely appealing for their flexibility and strength in combat and in group raids, in particular. In order to play your druid successfully, you will certainly need at least one Druid mod. Here is a quick guide on how to find the tools that will be most useful to you.

Druid Mod Basics

There are different types of mods designed specifically for druids. These AddOns will help you with changing stances, buffs and debuffs and in combat, in general. There are UI mods, which are suitable for druids as well as for other classes with similar abilities, such as shamans or priests. The third group of tools consists of general ones. They are suitable for all character classes. Some of these mods will be invaluable to you as a druid.

Where To Look For Druid Mods

There are different developers creating all kinds of user interface modifications for World of Warcraft. You can visit their sites directly, but this is a difficult and time consuming process. Hence, it is best to check out the website of the WoW mod databases. There you will find a wide variety of all kinds of AddOns, including the ones specifically designed for druids. It is worth keeping in mind that not all of the most popular AddOns are compatible with the latest patch of WoW.

What To Look For

You should definitely get a Druid mod bar that can show you your mana and health status. You will also need an AddOn for keeping track of your Heal over Time (HoT). It is best for the tool to track your re-growth, rejuvenations and live blooms. You will also need a Druid mod that will allow you to switch your gear more easily, once you change your stance.

You will need a number of general mods, which are equally valuable. Gatherer will be a great choice for any druid. It will be particularly helpful if you have chosen herbalism as your profession, as it allows you to find valuable objects on the map more easily.

Cartographer is another mod that will be quite valuable to you. It enhances the use of the general Azeroth map and the mini maps. This AddOn provides you with thorough information on mobs, instances and bosses. The details will be extremely useful to you in questing.

Mods For Gold Earning

You need to make gold in order to sponsor your quests and progress in the game. You will find all of the mods described above to be useful to you for acquiring valuable items that you can sell for lots of money. In order to make the best deals in the Auction House, you will need Auctioneer mod.

It will allow you to determine the supply and demand patterns as well as the price trends and changes on the market for objects. In turn, you will be able to sell items at the highest possible prices and buy them for much less than their actual values.

It is definitely worth using a Druid mod and other AddOns, but you will also need an effective strategy for questing and gold making.