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Does Sanus-Biotex Work for Degenerative Myelopathy?

Does Sanus-Biotex Work for Degenerative Myelopathy?

So.. Does Sanus Biotex really work? If your reading this, it is probably a question that you’ve been asking yourself over and over again just as I did in late November 2010. As mentioned earlier, I truly felt the need and wanted to tell people about (Tiger’s) story. It is amazing to me that such a small amount of powder mixed with his food for 60-90 days improved not only his life but changed our family as well.

A Personal Note to You…I want to make this very clear…In telling my story about my own personal experience using Sanus-Biotex. I am in no way affiliated with Sanus-Biotex and/or Pet Harmonics Co. The same applies and also includes anyone else in my family. Were just one time disbelievers who decided to take a chance on Sanus-Biotex to help our dog overcome the symptoms of Degenerative Myelopathy…And I would love to share our dogs amazing story with you!

Sanus-Biotex and Pet Harmonics Co…

Just over a year ago, (15) months to be exact was one of the worst days of my life. As you probably are already aware just how attached you become to the “family dog” and you just know when something isn’t right with him/her. It’s hard to watch and you become pretty worried about the cause and what actually is going on. These were my thoughts and as I drove Tiger to the vet I just knew something serious was going on.

Degenerative Myelopathy: A Family Determined…

Tiger, our six year old German Shepherd – diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy (DM) in November 2010. As we left our vets office the grim news which we just were told absolutely devastated our entire family. Weeks later, as I continued to read and look into every treatment method that you could imagine found both online and off. And as I continued searching, Tiger continued to get worse. To watch him suffering, not from pain, but from frustration and being scared. Scared that he couldn’t get up sometimes, frustrated as he limped along before falling. Tiger was not the only one scared from the effects of this disease so was our entire family as well. We felt good on Tiger’s better days and we felt sad on the days he wasn’t doing very well. Our lives revolved around Tiger, making sure that someone would always be home with him to help him walk, eat, drink, etc. You name it we helped Tiger do it and as this disease continued to progress I at first, lost hope. But, that all changed when just a few months after being diagnosed with DM I was reading an article in a very popular dog magazine about a small company in PA who was working on a new method of treatment for canine degenerative myelopathy.

My entire life was changing as I continued reading through the article. I imagined Tiger being able to walk with us again, playing Frisbee, running around the backyard with the kids, swimming in our small river as my husband is trying to fish. This excitement and hope soon ended the following day as I picked up the phone and dialed our veterinarian. Dr.??? (probably should not publish his name), told me that the progression of the disease is untreatable nor could it be slowed down or stopped. My heart sank as I hung up the phone. Here is a very well known veterinarian who took care of all our pets for the past 12 years basically telling me that no matter what we do this disease will continue to slowly progress through Tiger’s body eventually causing him to lose complete mobility where at some point we would have to make the decision to put him down for his own benefit.

I can still to this day, remember telling my three kids this news and of course, they were just as heartbroken as I was and now we all sat in our living room and cried.

The following day something really sparked a fire underneath me. I’m not exactly sure why but as I watched my husband carry Tiger outside that morning. I felt a calmness about me and knew that we could NOT just sit around this house watching Tigers condition get worse – we had to do something and it had to be done now! As I watched Tiger outside laying in the grass I vividly remember picking up the phone determined to find help. After-all, I could see Tiger was trying to fight this disease and at that moment I knew, as a family, were NOT going to just stand in his corner and watch but were gonna jump in the ring and fight this disease to.

About a week later, the first bottle of Sanus-Biotex arrived for Tiger. I remember being pretty excited that day although I wasn’t sure if it would work or not I did feel like at least I was trying to do something about it. Our vet had Tiger on a variety of medications including both anti-inflammation, relaxers, and steroids (Prednizone). For the past few months I gave all these medications exactly as prescribed and Tiger, no matter what we did, his condition continued to get worse. So, I told myself – Why Not? I needed to do something and I needed to do it fast.

We started Tiger on Sanus-Biotex a week before Christmas and just hoped for the best. After-all, we really had no other options….This was either going to work or it wasn’t…Either way, we were all out of options and we really had nothing else to lose. It was always on my mind what the outcome would soon be if we fail. Everyone in the family was on the same page and we all were determined to help Tiger fight the disease.

Throughout the first 2-3 weeks we didn’t see much change in Tiger and this led me to call Pet Harmonics Co. (manufacture/distributor of Sanus-Biotex), numerous times. Maybe, I just needed a little extra encouragement or maybe it was hope…I have to tell you that the employees at Pet Harmonics Co. were absolutely wonderful as they helped me keep my spirits up and kept me moving in the right direction. I even received numerous calls from the owner (Nick), who continued explaining to me that were doing everything right and for the results that were looking for it takes some time. He always told me, keep doing what your doing and never miss a day – one day you’ll see a turning point in Tiger and things from that point on will continue to improve. Honestly, I’m not so sure I would have continued using Sanus-Biotex if I was not able to talk to them on a daily basis. Even though I was driving them crazy they really stuck by my side throughout the ordeal and for that I’m extremely grateful.

Degenerative Myelopathy Treatment – Signs of Progress and Hoping for Success

Anyway, we finally started to see some results about 25-30 days from the time we started the Sanus-Biotex treatments. Once this happened, we all were ecstatic and as we continued using Sanus-Biotex Tiger kept getting better and better. My husband said, it’s like we turned back the hands of time…And that is exactly how we felt. Tiger was back to being his good old self again and each and every day he seemed to improve in some other finite way and we were not the only ones to witness his transformation. In early February ’11, our veterinarian saw for the first time just how much Tiger improved in only two months. I remember thinking about what our vet had told me a few months ago and I was so happy and proud to see Tiger walking into his office holding his head up high. This may sound a little strange but I really sensed he knew what was going on.

Our vet was pretty much speechless as he could not believe the dramatic improvement Tiger has made…He literally sat down and told us how bad he felt for telling us that the disease (degenerative myelopathy) is untreatable and the only outcome you need to prepare for is when to make the decision to put Tiger down. I truly felt that Tiger’s improvement was a miracle and as we both walked out of the Dr.’s office I realized just how lucky I was to stumble upon Pet Harmonics website. I know with absolute certainty Tiger would not be laying at my feet (actually on my feet at the moment), if it was not for Nick and the entire team of Pet Harmonics.

I did not write and publish our story about my family, myself, and our beloved dog, Tiger for any other reason then to help bring awareness to Pet Harmonic Co. and Sanus-Biotex because it worked so good for us…If your facing a similar situation with your dog – why not take a look into Sanus-Biotex and the entire treatment program. As our family and Tiger will forever be grateful for what they have given back to me. There are so many companies and businesses out there that do so much good for the people, community, pets, etc….That sometimes we forgot to sit down and thank those people who truly have helped make the world a better place and Pet Harmonics Co. along with their Sanus-Biotex is truly one of these companies. I cannot thank them enough for their many hours of research, development, manufacturing, distribution and their time that they have spent on the phone/email helping people like me. People who just need a little more encouragement to see things through no matter what the obstacle is. My family, myself, and Tiger are so grateful for what they have done and I just wanted to tell our story and hope that I to will be able to help someone else see their dogs treatment through.

Note: Tiger continues to improve everyday. Amazingly, he shows no signs of the disease and we continue to use Sanus Biotex to this day. To date, I have received over 100 letters from others around the country who began treating their dog for degenerative myelopathy with Sanus Biotex after reading my story. I would like to thank them for sharing their stories, videos, and pictures with me. I’m also so thankful that Tigers remarkable turn-around isn’t so unique after-all….Seems that many more have witnessed their dogs make the same recovery and just hearing their stories make Tiger and I very proud.

Thanks Again For Reading,

Jessica Warton
Palmyra, Pennsylvania

P.S. If you have any questions about this or anything else related to this story feel free to email me. I would love to hear your success stories as well and how Sanus-Biotex helped your dog pull through. You May Contact Me Here.

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