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Collecting Sports Memorabilia Football Gear Apparel Is The Way to Show Your True Passion As a Fan

Collecting Sports Memorabilia Football Gear Apparel Is The Way to Show Your True Passion As a Fan

Collecting sports memorabilia football gear and apparel is a growing hobby among football enthusiasts in the United States and around the world. After all football is king in this country. Whether you love professional football (the NFL) or college football, it doesn’t matter. It wasn’t long ago that the NBA dominated the sports world in the 80’s and 90’s and Major League Baseball before that in the 70’s and really for the past century before that. But now it’s all about football- it rules the sports world.

Football is king is terms of viewership, passionate fans, attendance, and of course sports memorabilia football collectibles, as in merchandise sales. Football fans are extremely passionate, way more than any other sport, and they want to show their commitment and loyalty to their team by displaying their gear. Whether it’s wearing jerseys, t-shirts, hats, etc, or having a man-cave at home with all your favorite collectibles like fat-heads, mugs, decorations, etc, fans like to show off their team spirit with their memorabilia and apparel.

Let’s take a look at some of the top collected memorabilia

1. Jerseys and Jersey T-shirts- Football jerseys are a huge seller. Look around at any football game whether you are attending a college game or an NFL game or even watching one of these games on TV, and you will see jerseys worn by fans by the thousands. They are everywhere. This is the number one way to show your fan loyalty at the games or even watching the game on your couch at home.

2. Hats are another great way to express your fandom. These can be your traditional baseball caps with your favorite NFL or college team logo on them, or it can be snow hats (beanies), or helmets, or if you are in Green Bay – the cheese head hat. Hats are relatively inexpensive so they are easy collect and most fans have an assortment of hats. Plus they keep your head warm during the cold games during the fall season.

3. Collecting Sports memorabilia football apparell isn’t the only way to express your passion as a fan. If you’re like me, you are more interested in collectible items like mugs, wall decorations, furniture with your team logo on it, little trinkets to put on your shelf, autographed balls, photo’s, and cards, bumper stickers, toys, picture frames, foam fingers, game programs, ticket stubs, or really just anything that has your team logo on it.

This kind of stuff is fun to display in your home, in or on your car or truck, or in your office at work. This lets everyone know around you who you root for and there is no double about it. It also makes for interesting conversation when someone asks “where did you find that….” especially for those rare little items that are hard to find and get.

Memorabilia autographs are another hot topic for true sports memorabilia football collectors. These are rare items and often carry monetary value associated with them. They are often obtained by either lucky fans who were in the right place at the right time, someone who knows the athlete and got the autographed item, or by an individual who was willing to pay a hefty price to get these memorabilia autographs from someone in one of those first two categories.

Whether you have a few things or a huge collection of sport memorabilia football gear or apparel, it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t define you passion as a true fan. But it is just fun to collect these items and show off who you root for.