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COD4 – Recommended Gametype, Weapons, Practice, Gear and Tactics

COD4 – Recommended Gametype, Weapons, Practice, Gear and Tactics

Hardcore All the way

I think it has boiled down to discussions in the gaming forums of what gametype they want on their multiplayer especially on known servers out there. In my opinion, Hardcore is better and here are my reasons why. with a limited ammo per clip, it is crucial to kill with less bullets. Although most self-proclaimed-expert-players don’t agree with this because they want Non-Hardcore, it is in my humble opinion is only for their advantage. ie.. not dying by a couple bullets and still rushing like mad onto a swarm of enemy. They get annoyed a lot with this, use HC at your own advantage and read on…

Camping is bad when you stay at it for too long. Objective camping is the way to go. It is where you camp and get cover, stay on it for a while until enemies are gunned down and proceed to another area, 2-3 kills is enough to warrant another place to camp although objectively.

Objective camping is highly recommended. These are the words coming from my mouth or my thoughts. Don’t run around without covering even for short distances. Also, always assume the enemy is hidden, aim at the usual hiding spots even though there aren’t you’ll have the upper hand even if they peek. Also, assume their target position, think ahead, if they are always stopping on that spot, get ahead and aim it there.

Also within weapon usage

I have always been firm on weapon types. The more accurate, the better. Never rely on its recoil to accidentally hit your target. Always aim at it in the quickest way. I would recommend an m16 for its pin-point accuracy and its raw damage,

The G3 for with great accuracy and always resetting to its level shot after shot, The default sniper rifle for less idle sway and of course accuracy.

The RPD is also a mass-murdering weapon that is optimized for accuracy with the help of a grip attachment, learn all of these weapons and you can get a better kill/death ratio.

M4 is also good for a good spraying power with less recoil.

To get a better aim, always stray away from weapons such as the p90 as the next shot within ten meters of an opponent will likely hit or miss. Albeit 50 rounds, precision weapons still wins over bullet capacity any day.

With Perks

* My staple loadout is…

Stun Grenade – faster throw animation than Flashbang.

M9- Highest bullet capacity (note that all have 40 damage except D. Eagle for 50 but less bullets) Bandolier – 6 reloads is crucial, get this asap because you will need to gun down many foes. Stopping Power – The potential of killing with just a single bulllet is good enough for this to be used. Deep Impact – Expect a higher kill score with this, especially with newcomers peeking at windows.

Red Dot Sight- Always an addition to make precise shots, otherwise settle for the default Iron Sights on the RPD due to the Grip attachment tradeoff.


Load a killhouse map and try it out hitting those camera’s. Always remember to aim your middle screen to the target to eliminate looking for it, this will drastically cut time when right clicking and sweeping the mouse to search for the target.

Next up is to target those lights one by one until your clip is emptied, you will notice a better accuracy with the guns I have mentioned earlier.

Go over my other COD articles on cod4guides.blogspot.com for some pezbot training to help you aim better.

Mouse and Mousepad

The preferred mousepad is optical type with a higher DPI and a black cloth mousepad, these are the bare minimum. Never settle for a mouse with a mouseball and a blue mousepad. All the required items can be bought on CDR King (like the ones’ I use) for less than 130 Phil.Pesos or roughly 3 USD (yes that’s three dollars).

Here is also the guide for the PC hardware you may want to get a smooth gaming in Cod4.

Graphics Settings

60 Frames Per Second flat is always better, Just read on my guide here on blogspot to gauge your frames per second. If you can’t achieve this, just download my graphics tweak to get up to 200 frames per second even on crappy video cards. You can choose to follow these philosophy in playing but it all depends entirely up to you.