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Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 – Winning at Domination – Team Deathmatch Online Strategies

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 – Winning at Domination – Team Deathmatch Online Strategies

A really interesting and fun gameplay mode of call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the “Domination” mode. This mode requires a little more thought and strategy than team deathmatch and your usual tricks might not be enough to win. In this strategy guide I will explain how I utilize some tips and tricks to give my team the best shot at winning in Domination.

The object of the game is to capture and control 3 points spread across the map. These areas are labeled A, B and C on your map. The first team to 200 points the fastest wins the round (unless of course someone uses the Tactical Nuke). To capture a control point all you need to do is stand near the flag and wait for the “Capture” meter to fill up. Each time you help capture a flag you gain 150 points and enemy kills are only worth 50 points. Each team begins the round closer to a certain area and your first move should be to move as a small group to your ho. Keep in mind unlike other modes this online game mode requires co-operation amongst your team and you will likely fail if your team tries to do their own thing.

Depending on your style of play you might want to choose a customer character class with the Marathon and Lightweight perk. This will help you cover vast amounts of terrain and possibly give your team the edge in obtaining the middle flag first. Often times this middle point “B” will be the most hotly contested area in the entire match. In certain maps such as Rundown and Highrise you might need to use a riot shield to survive an attempt at point B. To get the best of both worlds I have created a custom class that uses both a riot shield, Marathon, Lightweight. The secondary equipment is whatever you feel comfortable with and the grenades I use are smoke grenades and semtex. This custom class allows me to rush to the middle control point and survive any long ranger shooters or snipers with my riot shield. The smoke is used to help cover my position from any grenades or explosives and the semtex will help clear out any existing enemies at the control point when I get there.

Once the middle control point is secure I would then switch to a more offensive custom class and defend the control points vigorously. You must have two control points before thinking about switching to this and build up a 20-50 point lead on the other team. Once this lead is built up take notice of where your team is trending on the map. If they tend to be spread out, then pick a control point and defend or possibly take the fight to the last control point for maximum point gains. If your team is more tentative about taking the last flag you could take the fight to the enemy team’s last control point. Alternatively if your team is more offensive at this point of the game (which does happen with a lead) make sure you take care of your most vulnerable control point. Often times your team will leave the last control point completely unguarded so this is where you need to come in and save the day.

I favor Claymore mines strategically placed by the vulnerable control point and move off to a hiding spot until I hear that explosion go off. Sometimes you will kill a single attacker but other times your claymore will give you the advance warning that an attack is imminent. If you have any other explosive weapons such as a grenade launcher or thumper now is the time to use it and aim directly for your flag once you hear the game tell you the control point is being lost. This might be able to get you a few multi-kills at 100 points each and you look like a hero.

Another thing that really can turn the tide in a Domination game is the use of killstreaks. Often I will save a Predator Missile or Harrier Strike when one of my teams control points are under attack. If you are able to get a powerful Killstreak such as Chopper Gunner or AC-130 you can really disrupt the other team and help win the game. You can rack up the kills a lot more easily in this game mode because of the rushing nature of the game vs a Team Deathmatch situation where more people camp and hide.

Keep in mind sometimes you just cannot win certain Domination matches, either the opposing team will be too organized and skilled or your team will be content to just play the game as a simple online deathmatch game. Hopefully this basic strategies will give you a good guide to help win the majority of your Domination matches.