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Biography of Author and Kabbalist Jesse Bogner

Biography of Author and Kabbalist Jesse Bogner

‘I used my highly rational mind as a tool to illustrate how the world was no longer rational.” – Jesse Bogner

Born on 17th September, 1987, in New York, New Jersey, Jesse Bogner was one among the three boys that his mother Dawn Neway, and his father, Seth Bogner had been blessed with. While his mother has always been an independent, nature-loving and compassionate person, his father happens to be a cheerful and jovial thinker who has a jest for life despite his strong sense of spirituality. Till he was twenty-something years old, all that Jesse was concerned with was to hang out with his friends on the streets of New York, indulge in substance abuse and derive pleasure in violating norms. All of this suddenly came to a halt in 2013.

Exactly what triggered this change is difficult to pinpoint, but it brought forth a version of Jesse that no-one had ever encountered before. From a decadent, direction-less youth who reveled in anarchy, he transformed into an introspective individual with a marked proclivity towards spiritualism. It was as if someone had cast a spell over the turbulent and violent waters and rendered them totally calm and controlled. Not long after, Jesse abandoned the streets of New York and his wild lifestyle for the quieter climes of a Kabbalah group (Bnei Baruch) in Israel, which afforded him the opportunity of connecting with his core and exploring his intellect.

Driven by the will to stir the intellectual broth that seemed to be simmering the world over, Jesse transformed into something that he never dreamt of becoming – an author. But surely this must have been his calling because at thirty years of age, he is already a renowned author of two celebrated works of penmanship, with a third waiting to be launched. To have your books released, acknowledged and accepted within a short duration of a few years is an achievement that few authors around the world can boast of, and Jesse is one of them.

At the Kabbalah Center – From Social Rebel to Social Thinker

Kabbalah has its origins in the Hebrew word ‘lekabel’, meaning to receive. It is a collection of teachings that define the way of life for its followers, in terms of discipline, morals and spiritualism. As the legend goes, God gifted Israelites with Kabbalah at the same time when he was handing over the Old Testament to them on Mount Sinai. So it could be best described as an amalgamation of ancient wisdom, mysticism which arises from the aura of prophecy surrounding it, and spiritualism which lends meaning to every aspect of your life.

Given the strong spiritual teachings that this Kabbalah group provides in helping people improve their existence, it is a natural magnet for people the world over and receives visitors from all walks of life, ranging from Hollywood celebrities to inquisitive tourists and everyone in between. At the annual World Kabbalah Convention in New Jersey in 2013, one of the participants was Jesse Bogner, an American who had come in search of his spiritual identity and to define his existence. Such was the impact of this age-old philosophy that it molded Jesse from a social anarchist that he was into an intellectual who suddenly became conscious of social problems.

It was during his joining this Kabbalah group that Jesse evolved into an author, his writings serving as an outlet for his perceptions of the society as it existed around him. As he climbed the spiritual ladder, Jesse gained cognizance of multiple issues that affected people on a personal as also on a community scale, and he decided to make this his point of focus.

Penmanship – Musings that Stir the Soul

Since his arrival at the Kabbalah Center, Jesse Bogner has successfully published two novels, namely ‘The Egotist’ which had been launched in 2014, and ‘Tikkunim (Corrections)’ that was published in 2017. Currently this young author is in the process of wrapping up his third novel, namely ‘The Gates of Impurity’, which is likely to be published soon.

While the first book – The Egotist – traces Jesse’s footsteps from New York to the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah group in Petach Tikvah, Israel, his second effort, Tikkunim (Corrections), is an attempt to express his thoughts in a way that people from any corner of the world should be able to comprehend. Unlike the first book which is more of a narrative, Tikkunim (Corrections) is a compilation of articles, each of which provides an insight into Jesse’s thought process and conveys his message.

The third literary work, namely ‘The Gates of Impurity’, could be described as belonging to the genre of spiritual fiction or magical realism, as it traces the life of Abba from his days as a youngster till his journey into adulthood and beyond. Along the way he experiences everything from lust and greed to betrayal, love and eventually power. He is also a dedicated Kabbalist, which renders his character even more interesting owing to a fair amount of spiritualism influencing struggle for survival in real life.

Final Thoughts

Yet, he remains strangely aloof of his success, as though it is a transient aspect of life which should never be taken seriously. That is Jesse Bogner for you in a nutshell – aloof, introspective, and always pushing his personal creativity to formulate innovative solutions for society at large.

No matter how down and out in life you may be, there is always a spiritual opening that would lead you to your true destiny. Through his outspokenness, Jesse Bogner has proved that spirituality and truth can never be overlooked – they always prevail, even though people might not really take the time to realize and acknowledge them.