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Being Unique With Your Father’s Day Gift

Being Unique With Your Father’s Day Gift

With Father’s Day coming up, it is time to look at some gift ideas. Now, you won’t normal ideas for a gift here, this article is all about finding unique ideas for a gift.

If you have been buying Father’s Day gifts for many years and you think that you have bought everything that you possibly could over the years, then this article is for you. The idea is to find your Father the gift that he never knew that he wanted.

The gift will be something that he opens on the day and it is instantly the best gift that he ever wanted, even though he never thought to ask for this. So, if you are in the position where you are not sire what to buy, and you want some ideas for an amazing gift, then read on with this article.


The first idea is to buy him an experience. This is a great idea if you know that he has some wild interest and he would love a trip to take part in the experience.

When you buy an experience, you will pick an event or an activity that you know he wants to do and you will get a certificate to say that he has the chance to go on the experience. You will have paid for everything in advance and he will just have to phone up and make an appointment.

He can go anytime he likes, but there is an expiry date on the experience. It is usually around a year, but if you buy him something like a white water rafting experience, then he will only be able to go at certain times in the year, so you make to make sure that he is aware of the restrictions on the experience.

You should only go with the experience if you know that it is something that he would definitely like to do. For example, if you know that your Dad is scared of water, then there would be no point in buying him a white water rafting experience because he would never go on it.

You also have the option of buying two tickets for the experience and going with him, so that it will be more about bonding with him and less about the experience itself.

Custom Playing Cards

Buying custom playing cards is a brilliant idea for a Father’s Day gift. You might read this and think that cards are too small to give as a gift, but you are going to have them custom made, there will be no one else in the world with these cards.

You will design everything from the colour of the cards, to the picture on the back. If you want to, you could even customise the symbols for the playing cards. If your Dad loves poker and other card games, then he will love the thought of having his own custom made playing cards.

Custom poker cards can be bought online. There are websites where you can use their own template and design your own cards before you order them. You will know what they look like before you buy them.

There might be some images that don’t work on cards, but the company should be able to advise you on image size and type for the best print out. A good idea would be to get pictures of you both from every holiday and print them on the backs of each card.