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Backup Battery for Sump Pump – Protect Your Basement From Flooding

Backup Battery for Sump Pump – Protect Your Basement From Flooding

A recent survey revealed that most homeowners with a sump pump in their basement do not have a backup battery system installed. This statistics is quite alarming and most of these folks are taking a lot for granted, knowing that any unstable weather condition with severe thunder and lightning can easily take an entire power grid down. Without power the sump pump cannot function and the property would be fully exposed to flooding especially if the storm is a heavy down pour, torrential rain or a hurricane. A battery backup sump pump can easily eliminate this risk and prevent any unwanted water damages in your basement.

It is recommended that the battery backup pump be a secondary pump in the basement which should operate independent of the primary pump. Firstly, it should automatically activate if the primary pump fails due to a power outage or a mechanical failure. Most importantly, it should be configured also to work simultaneously if there is a presence of excessive water in the sump basin and the primary pump is overworking and unable to discharge water quickly. Homeowners who live near flood threatening areas along rivers or hurricane regions should seriously considered installing this system. Not only will it protect your property from flooding and water damages but it will save you from the mess and clean up that usually follows.

To determine which type or model may be suitable for your home, first you may want to do some research online or go to a store and talk to a sales representative. Make a note of the home location, outside yard gradient, square footage of your home and the size of your basement. This information will be the key factors for a professional to determine the best choice of pump for your house. A good battery back up pump should be able to discharge more than 10,000 gallons of water on a single charge. It should come with built-in technology such as an in-house audio alarm and has the capability to be integrated with your alarm system. The alarm feature is critical because you would want to be notified if something is wrong with the pump when you are at work or on a vacation.

How long will the battery last for? This is a popular question asked by many homeowners when purchasing a battery backup sump pump. It is a trick question and there is no straight answer. Batteries from a reputable manufacturer tend to have a higher rating and this is based on their customer reviews. A little online research would be helpful as you would surely want to get a good and dependable battery to protect your property. A battery with a good rating should be able supply the pump with power for about 4 hours or more.

For peace of mind, when choosing a battery backup system for your basement, it should be one of good quality and reliable. For a few more dollars it would be more pleasing to know you have invested in a battery backup pump that is your first line of defence against a flood.