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Advantages of ESS-13 Over Bentonite For Sealing Ponds and Lakes

Advantages of ESS-13 Over Bentonite For Sealing Ponds and Lakes

In this article I discuss the advantages of the proprietary Environmental Soil Sealant (ESS-13) over bentonite for sealing ponds and lakes.

Guaranteed Results

All ESS-13 applications come with a guarantee, even if ESS-13 is being used to treat an existing pond or lake that is full. This is a major advantage of ESS-13 over bentonite, as bentonite is typically applied without a guarantee.

On-Site Technical Representation Is Included

Another major advantage of ESS-13 over bentonite is the on-site technical representation provided by Seepage Control, Inc. when ESS-13 is used in a dry application. The Seepage Control representative is on-site during the entire installation process, ensuring that the lining system is installed properly. This technical support enables Seepage Control to guarantee the results. Generally speaking, on-site technical representation is not available with bentonite.

ESS-13 Soil Seal Improves With Time

The seal achieved with ESS-13 actually improves with time. ESS-13 binds with the soil at the molecular level, resulting in a permanent seal. When ESS-13 is applied to a full pond or lake the product is drawn into the soil and binds with the soil to reduce or eliminate the voids, thus sealing the pond. Bentonite, on the other hand, often needs to be replaced after five to ten years.

For Waterborne Applications, No Need to Identify the Source of Leaks

Identifying the source of a leak in a pond or lake can be extremely challenging and costly. With ESS-13 this is not necessary. The ESS-13 Waterborne Application is extremely effective for lakes and that are experiencing generalized seepage. Bentonite, on the other hand, is more effective for pond repair in small isolated areas where water is flowing (such as around pipes). Being able to apply ESS-13 to a full body of water is a huge advantage as it is not necessary to know where the seepage is. ESS-13 is a liquid and migrates throughout the entire pond, covering every square inch of soil, and is drawn into those areas where the seepage is occurring. With the ESS-13 Waterborne Application, it is not uncommon to see reductions in the amount of water loss due to seepage of up to 90%, and the results improve with time.

There are obviously many options available for sealing ponds and lakes. Of all of the methods available, I receive far more calls from pond owners whose bentonite lined ponds have failed than any of the other methods.

Over the last 20 years, I have spoken with many contractors who have experience installing bentonite liners. One contractor stated that his success rate was 40% at best. I have been told by numerous contractors that they would never go back to bentonite after using ESS-13 for their pond sealing projects.