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4 Scary Twilight Party Games

4 Scary Twilight Party Games

This fall many fans are looking forward to the sequel of the Twilight Movie, New Moon. The movie is the film adaptation of the second book in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer’s series. The stories picks up at Bella Swan’s 18th birthday. A party is held by Edward’s family in her honor but it is soon cut short by a dangerous incident. This convinces Edward that it is too dangerous for Bella to remain involved with vampires. This leads him to abruptly break up with Bella and leave forks without a trace. Bella is left with a broken heart and tries to move on with the help of her friend Jacob. However, Jacob has a supernatural secret that will put right back in the center of the secret world Edward tried to protect her from. Many fans will be celebrating with the usual tradition of having a Twilight party. If you are one of these fans one way to make your party more interesting is great Twilight party games.

As you think of interesting party games think of various things defining characteristics such as the abilities of the vampires and werewolves. A great game idea is to have a game that mimic the speed of a vampire. If you are wondering how you can possibly do that all you need is a dark night and flashlights. Play a game of flashlight tag with you and your guests. As you run around in the dark the blur of the lights in motion will make everyone look like they are moving much faster than they really are.

A great game to play is who said what. Read lines from New Moon the novel and have guests guess which character said the line. This is a great way for fans to show off their knowledge of the series. You can make it more interesting by offering special prizes such as New Moon merchandise. Also include bonus rounds with really challenging questions that will be a true test of fandom for your friends.

Vampires may only consume blood, but they also have a heightened sense of taste. This will make a great game idea. Choose different red foods and serve them on platters or bowls then have your friends try to guess each food by tastes. It may be a bit challenging to find red foods that can’t be guessed by site, but there are things that you can do that might help. First is to look online for Twilight recipes. There are some great recipes for fake blood and red treats that you can use for the game that will make it that much more interesting.

Have a game of Red Light Green Light. Vampires are super aware of their surroundings using every one of their superhuman senses. In Red Light Green Light a person is chosen as the caller. If the callers says green light, then other players can move towards the caller. If the caller says red light everyone has to freeze in the position they were in when it was said. This mean if you were running and you were on one foot, you have to stay on that foot in running position. Of course if you move, you are out of the game. To make the game more interesting for the caller have him or her blindfolded so they can’t rely on their sight. They will need to look to their other sense to know when other players are close.