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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Magento ECommerce Development

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Magento ECommerce Development

Every initiative, big or small has to confront roadblocks at some point. Be it a mental block for an author, or a temporary suspension of progress in a project development.

For example, eCommerce owners, at the beginning of their online journey, face obstacles while developing their e-store, or I say particularly while choosing an eCommerce Development platform.

As per the data by G2, there are 370 eCommerce platforms available. Now, this can be an overwhelming number and no doubt it is a cumbersome task to compare and choose from hundreds of options available. You cannot do a trial and error thing here because you eCommerce platform will be the backbone of any online enterprise.

Also, there is no such thing like ‘the best’ platform because every platform has its own perks and limitations. It entirely depends on your requirements and further goals you want to achieve, and then decide on a platform that helps you in the best possible way.

Do you think this replicates your conflict? Then this post is for you!

Let’s begin then!

Is Magento eCommerce Development a choice of majority businesses?

Magento receives 5000 downloads every day. As per the data, last year, almost 7,500 retailers migrated to Magento from other eCommerce platforms. Hence, you can say that Magento is undoubtedly the first choice of business owners who deal with a greater number of customers and sales and those who are looking for a long-term comprehensive solution. It is a trusted platform for small business owners because of its advanced features, affordable extensions, and rich functionality.

Do you know Magento powers popular eCommerce websites of businesses like Nike, and Samsung?

Overall, Magento is favoured by business owners and it is not surprising that as of 2020, Magento is expected to power more than 250,000 active eCommerce sites.

Is Magento eCommerce Development a good fit for you?

Let’s get an answer to this question by unfolding the benefits that Magento 2 Development Services offer.

  1. Improved Performance and Scalability

Performance and scalability are the major aspects of any e-store. Magento offers an interactive interface to ensure you are all good at them. It comes with an enhanced indexer that helps to increase query speed and performance of the web store.

What does it mean by high performance?

  • Improved page load time for end-users
  • Full-page caching
  • Optimized indexing

All of these help to improve the overall speed of your online store.

What does it mean by improved scalability?

It has given users the flexibility to use multiple databases. You can now have a separate database for checkout, order management, and product catalog.

  1. Advanced SEO Features

Search engines drive huge traffic to online stores. This makes SEO vital for visibility and improving your site’s ranking. Magento 2 offers an advanced SEO suite extension that will bring your SEO game to a new level.

  • Check out the advantages you get from SEO suite:
  • Create SEO templates
  • Configure rich snippets of your store
  • Manage SEO settings for pages, categories and layered navigation
  • Automate Meta Tag management for your store
  • SEP page analysis with the help of SEO toolbar
  • Configure canonical URLs
  • Set up and optimise XML sitemaps

Since SEO has the power to boost your eCommerce store, you can attract quality traffic without spending a lot of money. So, you would obviously want to go for a platform that is SEO friendly. Wouldn’t you?

  1. Mobile Friendly

If you look at the mobile shopping data, it seems promising. For instance, in the last 6 months, 79% of users have made a purchase online using their mobile devices. As smartphones are becoming more and more accessible, this number will only increase. Therefore, your eCommerce website must be mobile-friendly.

Magento 2 is a mobile-oriented platform. It offers essential features that help end-users to easily navigate your store’s catalog plus a mobile-friendly checkout experience. Because Magento 2 is mobile responsive, you can adjust new themes to physical and software device capabilities.

The biggest benefit you get is a higher ranking of your website. This is because Google has enabled mobile-first indexing by default. Meaning, Google uses the mobile version of any page for indexing and ranking. So, a mobile-friendly website will give you the upper hand in search engines.

  1. Reduced Security Lapses

Cyber threat is one of the biggest problems the eCommerce industry is facing today. Data suggests that online paymexnt fraud will cost eCommerce at least $25 billion in 2024. As an eCommerce owner, you have to be on guard to keep the hackers at bay. And Magento 2 has got you covered for this.

It offers password management tools that help businesses protect customer data. The framework of Magento 2 has certain conventions that regulate the escaping of data.

The ‘read-only’ option in the system prevents unauthorized users to access certain files. In short, Magento 2 platform provides a wide range of tools and features thus reducing security hazards.

Concluding Remarks

Magento eCommerce development empowers 12% of all online stores. The possibilities this platform offers are endless. So, next could be your store reaching new heights by choosing this popular platform. Curious to know how? Reach out to our team at BiztechCS. They never get tired of discussing their favourite eCommerce platform!